Voice Products offers a variety of solutions for the healthcare industry. The software, hardware, and complete systems we provide are designed to increase patient satisfaction and enhance healthcare services.

Our solutions can help you improve patient visits with telemedicine and live interpretation as well as simplify your documentation process with our medical scribes,  improve your dictation and transcription systems, optimize your workforce, and make coding and billing more efficient. 

Look at all the options you have below and let us know how we can help you.


Everyone rushed to find a telehealth platform when COVID-19 hit, but it's clear now the technology is here to stay. 

Through our platform, Let's Talk Telemedicine, you can be sure that your patient visits will be as reliable and secure as when the patient is in the room with you. But you can enhance efficiency and keep your staff and patients healthier. 

And if you think telehealth services are too complicated to set up, think again. Let's Talk Telemedicine can be implemented quickly and we can customize it to meet the workflows of your practice, clinic, or hospital. You don't need specific devices or specific browsers -- just your computer, tablet, or smartphone and an internet connection.

Besides being secure, HIPAA compliant, and easy to use, our platform is also affordable with no contract so you can cancel anytime.

Learn more about Let's Talk Telemedicine and all the use cases. 

Speech Recognition

Our speech recognition solutions can change your workday, allowing you to see more patients, go home earlier, and avoid burnout.

We offer three different speech-to-text software, that can simplify your workflow and make it easier to navigate your EHR, saving time and cutting down on frustration.

Fusion Narrate's exclusive Vision Click technology lets you use your voice to "click" on anything on your computer without actually using a keyboard or mouse. This includes opening and search websites, starting an email, or filling out a patient chart in the EMR. Click here to sign up for a free trial.

Dragon Medical One's dictionaries include more than 90 specialty vocabularies and detect regional accents to the accuracy of your voice-to-text is superior. 

nVoq.Voice is the newest technology in the market. It promises to give you what you need for reliable speech recognition without having to pay for features you don't want. 

Virtual Medical ScribesMedical Scribes

If you're tired of spending your day in front of the computer instead of caring for patients, our virtual medical scribes are just what you need. 

Our scribes are foreign-trained medical doctors who have graduated from U.S. accredited schools that allow them to be placed in U.S. residency programs. These doctors are proficient in English and Spanish and trained to ask and record diagnostic information or ask follow-up questions. They then document all that information directly into your EMR, saving you and your nurse time. 

By eliminating documentation for physicians and nurses, you can see more patients, increase revenue, and still reduce stress. And it costs much less than you think.

Ask us how you can benefit from our virtual M.D. scribes.


Medical interpreting is required under federal law but finding qualified interpreters is not so easy - family members and friends don't count. But we can help!

We can connect you with a HIPAA-trained, medically assessed language expert in less than one minute. You can use our medical interpreters during your telemedicine visit or get them on the phone or by video during an in-person visit. 

You don't need special equipment - just connect from a computer, tablet, or smartphone if you're on the go.

Our medical interpreting program offers 250 languages, including American Sign Language.

With our medical interpreters, you can feel confident that your providers and patients are communicating properly. 

Ask us to show you how it works and why it's an affordable option for you.



In most doctor's offices, clinics, and hospitals the majority of patient documentation still happens by dictation and transcription. 

That's why we provide modern, flexible systems that go beyond medical dictation software. Our medical dictation options include phone dictation, digital portable recorders, even apps on your smartphone. These systems can integrate into your EMR, giving you more advanced and intuitive features.

Our medical transcription software is leading the industry. It allows for faster and easier work for your transcriptions while not compromising on precision and accuracy. 

Learn more about our medical dictation/transcription and how it can help you.



Medical coding is complex but computer-assisted coding (CAC), helps human coders by providing codes for validation.

You can set up our award-winning CAC solution separately or combine it with our clinical data improvement (CDI), ensuring proper documentation. 

We also offer computer-assisted physician documentation (CAPD) with one of our front-end speech recognition solutions, which catches any information physicians missed while dictating. 

Learn more about how our coding solutions can help you.

Unified Communications

Unified communications (UCaaS) can streamline your communications system by providing everything you need on a single platform. 

UCaaS is a cloud-hosted phone system that also gives you tools such as text messaging, chats, video conferencing, and more. 

It's affordable to install and allows you the flexibility to grow as you need to. It also takes a lot of the burden away from your IT team. 

Learn more about how UCaaS can help your practice, clinic, or hospital.  

Physical Security

Hospitals and clinics have a need for physical security on their properties - from surveillance to access control. 

We can help you understand what software and equipment you need and set you up with the right system to meet your specifications.

From door locks and access cards to closed-circuit cameras that keep track of who's coming and going, to body-worn cameras worn by your security personnel, there's a solution for your hospital, clinic, office. 

Learn more about our physical security solutions. 

Call Centers

Ensure customer satisfaction while improving efficiency and flexibility for your employees with our medical call center solutions. 

There are many options available but a good contact center system should emphasize quality assurance by tracking and analyzing data so you can see your successes and challenges. This way you can ensure that your agents are providing a positive interaction with customers.

Our tools include workforce management, on-premise or cloud-based call center recording, screen recording, ACD, IVR, and more. We can help you find the right solutions for your call center, and we'll be there to support you as you grow.

Learn more about call center solutions and how they can improve the patient experience while optimizing your workforce.

Transcription Services

Transcription services consist of transcribing your speech into text. In the medical context, doctors count on transcription services for their dictation. They expect the transcription to be quick but also accurate. 

We can set you up with medical transcriptionists that are based in the United States with English as their first language. Monthly random quality assurance checks ensure that all transcriptionists are assessed and coached as needed. 

Learn more about how transcription services can save you time. 

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