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Dictation Transcription

There are many applications for digital dictation and transcription in many professional areas. These fields include medical, public safety, legal, financial and even veterinary.


In the medical field, you can find options that include phone dictation, apps, digital portable recorders, and more. This system integrates into electronic medical record (EMR) solutions at clinics and hospital operations. Our solutions give health care providers a reliable way to record patient history with point-and-click boxes. Learn More.

In addition, dictation is important for those in the legal arena. We offer solutions to dictate with a microphone, a smartphone application, digital portable recorder, or through call-in dictation. For example, we offer a transcription player that is unique because it's based on concurrent usage. In other words, you can buy it based on how many people would be using it at the same time. We allow you to load the transcription player on as many PCs as you need. Therefore, our solution is the only one that comes with free upgrades so your transcription player is never obsolete. Learn More.

In the public safety field, digital dictation and digital transcription allow officers several ways to dictate reports. Officers can use call-in dictation solutions, smartphone apps, microphones that can plug into their computers and digital handheld recorders. These systems allow officers to record interviews and traffic stops and can help clerical staff transcribe reports.

The Voice Products dictation and transcription solution for vets is, SayIt™ by nVoq. This product can reduce documentation time by 25 percent every day. Just point your cursor to where you’d normally type and “SayIt”. Your speech becomes text in seconds—stored right in the system of record—including drug names and veterinary terms. SayIt™ is a cloud-based speech recognition solution and works wherever there is an internet connection. SayIt™ is securely hosted in a U.S. data center and supports veterinary specialties. Learn More.
For those in the financial field, our digital dictation solutions can capture detailed information all by voice. This improves financial documentation, compliance, client service and more. For example, financial service professionals deal with an overload of paperwork, clients’ notes and documentation but we offer transcription software that streamlines the process. All you have to do is dictate your notes and reports into a digital voice recorder. The recordings are instantly transcribed to your desktop. Learn More.


Save Time, Increase Accuracy

Voice Products offers a variety of dictation and transcription services for a variety of industries. Our solutions save time, increase the accuracy of documentation, and ultimately, save your organization money in support costs.

From dictation and transcription services to speech recognition programs, we have what you need to record the data you need.

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