Prison and Jail

Surveillance, Dictation, and Telemedicine for Prison and Jails

Voice Products offer a variety of solutions within the public safety industry. These solutions, such as prison and jail telemedicine, make prisons and jails safer, more secure, and allow for more accurate record-keeping.

Prison and Jail Telemedicine

Undoubtedly, telemedicine in prisons and jails can help safely and securely get inmates the treatment they need. The Atlantic reports that 55 percent of male inmates and 78 percent of female inmates within the U.S. state prison systems are mentally ill.

It should be noted, properly treating mental disorders could lead to lower recidivism rates, and it certainly creates a safer environment for guards and inmates. Telemedicine is more effective and efficient than traditional treatment. It allows mental health professionals to see back-to-back patients in a variety of locations, without ever entering a prison.

Additionally, if an inmate needs immediate assistance, he or she has quick access to treatment as there is no need for a professional to travel to the prison or to transport the inmate to the doctor. In addition, scheduling appointments is a simple process, allowing doctors to follow-up with patients.

Telemedicine helps reduce the cost of behavioral health. For example, paying a psychiatrist to travel long distances is quite expensive. Alternatively, transporting prisoners to healthcare professionals raises safety concerns, as well as increasing costs. Clearly, telemedicine for prisons and jails is a good solution to reduce costs and improve safety for inmates and staff.

Remote Courtroom

Since 1995, courts across the country have used Voice Products, CourtCall program to facilitate courtroom appearances. In fact, CourtCall is the industry standard for remote court appearances.

CourtCall keeps all the parties in a court case connected through video and audio. As a result, logistically, CourtCall improves the speed and efficiency of cases and helps save time—especially for attorneys.

Video Surveillance

Without a doubt, video surveillance in prisons and jails is essential to the safety of staff and inmates. Voice Products has solutions including covert, dome, and bullet cameras. These are available for both interior and exterior use—depending on your needs.

Video management is centralized, in addition, it is accessible with a smartphone or other electronic devices, therefore creating an easy solution to monitor the environment.

Interview Room Recording

As a rule, video recording during an interview is key to building a case. With this in mind, Voice Products creates recording solutions that can store interview notes along with recordings. In addition, it can create one document from multiple recordings.

Legal Dictation and Transcription

Create fast and accurate notes with dictation and transcription options from Voice Products. Our solutions integrate with commonly used programs and increase productivity. In addition, dictation and transcriptions services include security and backup features to keep sensitive data secure.

Call Recording

In addition to dictation and transcription, Voice Products offers a call recording program—NICE Inform. This program has a multimedia recorder and logs phone calls, voice-over IP calls, radio traffic, and screen recordings. Additionally, NICE Inform records and logs chats, videos and integrates with other sources such as CCTV video.

Furthermore, NICE Inform has other functions including multimedia incident and evidence management, incident intelligence dashboards, quality assurance, and real-time decision support.

Voice Products Prisons and Jails Technology Solutions

As you can see, Voice Products has solutions for prison and jail telemedicine, as well as other remote options, video surveillance, and recording solutions. Contact Voice Products for more information about our prison and jail solutions.

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