Voice Products offers a variety of solutions within the public safety industry.

For jails and prisons, we have the right solution to make your facility safer, to keep your staff healthy and more secure, to improve morale, and to provide you ways to keep accurate record keeping.

Our solutions range from telemedicine and video conferencing to video surveillance, interview, and call recordings, even transcription. 

Telemedicine and Video Conferencing

Our secure and reliable platform can help you upgrade care in your facility, eliminating some of the day-to-day challenges. 

Through our telehealth platform, you can keep your staff secure by cutting down on the number of transports while also offering inmates regular access to the primary and mental health they need. 


Video Surveillance

Our video surveillance solutions are more than just a camera. While our high-quality cameras can be incorporated outside or inside a building, we also provide an integrated system that includes recording and can be accessed via your smartphone or computer.

Remote Court Appearance

Our solution is the industry standard (Zoom video) for remote video conferencing but customized for your courtroom's needs. You can feel confident that the remote appearances are secure, while the system is easy to operate, on any computer system and any internet browser. 

Our platform can benefit judges, courtroom staff, and attorneys and can be tailored to your specifications.

Interview Recording

Our solution can be customized to your facility's specifications without sacrificing quality or security. 

Our platform includes one or more cameras for each interview or meeting room and recordings are then saved on a server that's either on-premise or in the cloud. It can then be shared with law enforcement agencies and other necessary parties.


Our digital dictation and transcription solutions make report-writing easy and efficient for jail staff and corrections officers. 

These solutions make documentation more accurate while also saving time and frustration. 

Call Recording 

We have a variety of tools to help your organization with the need to record and store calls. 

Our voice logging system record all call interactions and provide you data that you can search and share. 

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