Call Center Solutions

With technology constantly changing and becoming more and more mobile, the need for call center recording is at an all-time high.

The right solution can benefit your organization by increasing flexibility and efficiency for your employees while ensuring customer satisfaction at the same time, by emphasizing call center quality assurance.

Searching for the best solution may be confusing once you realize how many options are available. Among other things, a good solution should analyze data to help you track successes and failures while also respecting your customers’ time and giving them the best experience when talking with your agents. It should focus on call center monitoring by allowing experienced supervisors to monitor calls and help less experienced agents. It should also make your workforce more efficient, keeping your agents and supervisors productive while taking care of tasks that can be automated.

The right contact center solution should also be customizable to your needs, easy to use, reliable, and secure.

Why use Voice Products? Because:

  • We have expertise in helping you find the right solution for your needs.
  • Our experience allows us to support you as you grow.
  • We will advocate for your business.

Variety of Useful Tools for Your Organization

The right customer experience can set you apart.

Cloud Computer has its own business and technical advantages.

Sometimes a cloud unified communications system is more effective than an on-premise system. 

Customer Experience (CX) 

  • Omni-channel supported customer service
  • Higher First Contact Resolution Rates (FCR)
  • Reduce Average Handle Time (AHT)

Workforce Optimization (WFO)

  • Forecast staff scheduling (Workforce Management -WFM)
  • Improve employee behavior (Performance Management - PM)
  • Standardize customer experience (Quality Management - QM)

Interaction Analytics (IA)

  • Analyze data over all channels
  • Identify bottlenecks
  • Optimize call flows
  • Pinpoint areas for improvement
  • Monitor staff effectiveness

Interactive Voice Response & Automatic Call Distribution (IVR/ACD)

  • Reduce Call Center costs
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Skills-based routing

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

  • Real-time guidance and next-best-action recommendations
  • On-screen compliance prompts
  • Execute routine tasks quickly and accurately
  • Free up employees for more-meaningful, higher-priority tasks



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