NICE Justice Evidence Management System

Digital Evidence System for Defense, Prosecutors, & Courts

Ensuring justice is vital for a secure and equitable society, where prosecutors, public defenders, and courts each hold significant roles.

Digital evidence lies at the core of your daily work—whether prosecuting cases, defending clients, or overseeing justice. Yet, as evidence becomes more voluminous and intricate, the traditional management methods become burdensome. They lead to inefficiencies, backlogs, and hinder the prompt delivery of justice.

Irrespective of your position in the justice system, the NICE digital evidence system offers a solution to more effectively handle the increasing amounts of digital evidence, expediting the journey to uncover truth.

NICE Justice 

Up to 50%

Intake and discovery productivity improvement (time and costs)



of evidence immediately accessible in unified case folders

88% +

of previously unplayable video made playable 

NICE Justice Capabilities:

Defense Justice Court

The NICE digital evidence solution empowers a more robust legal defense, preventing wrongful convictions and unnecessary incarcerations. By eliminating manual tasks and concerns in managing digital evidence, NICE allows you to concentrate on crafting a strong defense and swiftly discovering the truth.

The NICE system revolutionizes the management of digital evidence, offering a secure, traceable solution that liberates you from reliance on CDs, paper, drives, or discs. It provides built-in analytics, artificial intelligence, and an array of advanced tools essential for efficiently gathering evidence, accessing and reviewing all discoverable data, contextualizing it, and constructing compelling cases for presentation to judges and juries. 


Evidence Collection 

Efficiently collect and organize multimedia evidence from prosecutors, forensics, defense investigators and the public witnesses, keeping reliable chain of custody.

Evidence Timeline

Filter, review, play and validate all of the evidence (video and audio) on a synchronized timeline.

Evidence Management & Trial Preparation 

Prepare case evidence for trial with built-in annotations, clipping, synchronizing on a timeline, and more.

Historic Case Search 

Search across all cases to find and review potential patterns of misconduct.

NICE streamlines the handling of digital evidence, enabling your focus on case building and expedited truth discovery. Our comprehensive prosecutor digital evidence management solution liberates your staff from reliance on CDs, paper, drives, or discs, fostering a sense of empowerment and value.

It equips them with all the necessary tools to effectively manage and comprehend digital evidence, construct compelling cases, overcome backlogs, and meet stringent disclosure deadlines—all within a single, accessible platform.


Evidence Intake from Police

All evidence is received electronically the same way and deposited in case folders. No more CDs, DVDs or USB drives. Automatically alerts when new evidence is available.

Digital Case Management 

Integrates with CMS to create case folders and assign investigators or DAs to cases. Eliminates need to manually search for, request, download/upload, copy and scan evidence.

Evidence Disclosure 

Fully electronic process streamlines evidence sharing with defense with complete chain of custody tracking and notifications when evidence is accessed.


Trial Preparation & Present Evidence 

Build and present cohesive and compelling cases to juries. Perform all trial preparation and case-building work in one system including evidence sequencing, transcription, redaction, annotations, creating video and audio clips, and more.


NICE seamlessly integrates digital evidence into your court proceedings, offering a shared management solution that unites law enforcement, prosecutors, public defenders, and courts.

Gone are the days of submitting evidence via thumb drives, paper, or discs. All files can now be digitally entered and tracked as evidence, eliminating trial interruptions due to playback issues.

Moreover, we introduce an improved method for all parties to present evidence to juries, utilizing multimedia timelines that synchronize video and other evidence for seamless playback.

By embracing a county-wide cloud-based digital evidence management solution, you gain robust security measures and precise chain of custody tracking while simultaneously reducing costs.


Comprehensive Exhibit Management 

Eliminates physical media – all files can be digitally entered into evidence with built-in tracking. Incorporates redaction and other tools to eliminate trial interruptions.

Evidence Presentation & Sharing 

Video evidence is always playable without the need for specialized players/codecs. Ability to project multimedia trial exhibits synchronized on a timeline to juries.

County-wide Solution

Secure, shared cloud solution reduces infrastructure and storage costs, overcomes budget constraints and puts everyone on the same page.


  • Investigate (Police) and Justice (Prosecutors) Video

  • NICE Evidencentral Justice Video

  • Immersive Justice Video

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