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Public Safety

Voice Products offers a variety of solutions within the public safety industry, designed to simplify your workflow, improve quality assurance, and help keep your information secure. 

From call recordings to video surveillance to speech recognitions, we can design a custom solution to your organization's specifications to meet your needs and requirements. 

911 Call Recording

Our 911 Call Recording systems are highly customizable to provide your emergency communications center with more than just phone recordings. 

Our long-time customers have come to rely on our systems because they can also record any radio dispatches and dispatcher computer screens, while our NG911 product captures texts and other multimedia calls. We can also help you with incident reconstruction and quality assurance. 

Learn more about how we can customize a system right for you. 

911 Call Handling

Our call-handling solution can meet the needs of even the most demanding Public Safety Answer Points (PSAPs).

It uses streamline software design and network architecture to create a fully integrated workstation that allows a call handle to simultaneously manage different functions with a single keyboard and mouse. This systme easy to install, reliable, and user-friendly for call handlers during an emergency call. 

Learn more about how our call handling solution can help your PSAP. 

Interview Recording

Voice Products can build a customized and completely integrated interview room recording system for specific needs.

Interview room recording systems are not only secure but also user-friendly, with simple one-touch recording, remote start/stop function, and searchable notes and metadata. Our systems are used by law enforcement agencies, child advocacy centers, and other public safety professionals. 

Learn how we can build an interview recording system exactly for your organization's requirements. 

Evidence Collection

If your job is to gather and collect evidence from crime scenes, fire scenes, accidents, and more we can help simplify your life. 

We designed an app that allows you to do it all from your smartphone or tablet without having to drag around multiple pieces of equipment like cameras, cords, and batteries.

Our app is secure, reliable and allows you to compile and organize evidence in a secure and searchable database. 

Learn more about Evidence Collector.

Video Conferencing

Our video conferencing system was designed to be secure, reliable, and affordable at the same time. 

Let's Talk Video Conferencing uses the Zoom video platform because it ensures a smooth meeting without delays in the video. It's easy to use on any device with an internet connection. It can be used in jails and prisons for court appearances, family visits, and secure inmate-attorney meetings as well as for team meetings and conferences. 

Learn more about we can customize a video conferencing system to improve your workflow.

Video Surveillance

Our video surveillance systems can give you peace of mind. We can design a system for you that puts surveillance cameras of superior quality outside or inside a building to monitor and capture where people go and what they do. 

Our system can be customized and can also offer video management so you can access your cameras through a centralized application on your computer, smartphone, or tablet. 

Learn how we can help build a system for your company or organization.


Dictation and transcription tools can be useful for law enforcement agencies. Officers can save time by using them to dictate their reports -- even while they're in the field, while clerical staff can transcribe the reports more quickly and efficiently.

Our solutions offer many ways to dictation such as phones,  digital portable recorders, even an app on your smartphone. 

Learn more about how digital dictation can simplify labor-intensive work. 

Speech Recognition

It's no screen that law enforcement officers dread paperwork, but our speech recognition solutions can help. 

Speech recognition improves productivity by giving officers the ability to talk to their computers for tasks like filling out reports and forms, composing a narrative of incidents, even performing license plate searches without taking their eyes off the road. 

Learn how our speech recognition solutions can help your team keep up with documentation demands.

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