Medical Dictation

There are many applications in the medical field for digital dictation. These include phone dictation, apps for smartphones and tablets, digital portable recorders, microphone recording options and more. These systems can integrate into electronic medical record (EMR) solutions, regular clinic, and hospital operations.

With the emphasis on EMR, many are challenged with documenting the patient story with point-n-click boxes. It is estimated that 60% of all patient documentation is still performed by dictation and transcription. If you understand the important role of dictation, you understand the importance of the dictation system in healthcare. You need reliability and your users require flexibility.

Voice Dictation

The quality of a patient's chart relies upon the clinician's ability to effectively communicate findings, plans, and progress. A reliable, accessible and fluid dictation workflow is essential, and Voice dictation provides this platform.

World-class health systems and community health providers find digital dictation can be tailored to meet their unique needs. The digital dictation system provides a scalable architecture to accommodate growth. An exclusive, fault-tolerant design provides high availability. System partitioning provides a single system image that can be shared by many facilities and departments without compromise. Transition tools are built in to provide an avenue to reach beyond dictation to speech recognition when the technology is right for your physicians and your infrastructure is ready to support it.

Transparent Technology

A series of built-in tools allow for extreme customization to integrate with your existing IT solutions. Instead of teaching your staff how to use the system, teach the system how the users work. Take advantage of keystroke and process savings through simple integrations: let the EMR or PACs workstation identify a study and save scanning a barcode, download the physician's schedule to their dictation device and save button presses, and let the dictation system update report statuses to a departmental chart tracking systems to save manual data entry. By providing advanced, intuitive features to assist busy users and accommodating a potentially remote and possibly global workforce, you are ready to meet inevitable change with these advanced dictation solutions.

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