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911 Emergency Communications - NICE Inform

NICE Inform 
911 Emergency Communications

As emergency communications grow increasingly intricate and turnover rates reach unprecedented levels, dedicating time and attention to staff becomes paramount. Enter NICE. Serving as the comprehensive system of record for all your data, we strive to grant you more time to interact with your staff and swiftly uncover hidden truths within your data.

Offering a detailed view of events as they unfolded and erasing uncertainties, our automated solutions prioritize truth in every aspect of your operations. Whether reconstructing incidents or empowering your telecommunicators to excel in their roles, our aim remains consistent.

In the realm of emergency communications, there's no tolerance for compromise. With NICE, achieving accuracy every time becomes the norm.

NICE Emergency Communications


time savings in incident reconstruction and evidence production


2 times

faster evidence request fulfillment


increase in Quality Assurance evaluation productivity

NICE Capabilities:

Public Safety Dispatch Call Recording & Incident Reconstruction

Trusted by thousands of public safety agencies globally, the NICE Inform 911 call & dispatch recording and automated incident reconstruction system offer secure recording of 911 calls, radio transmissions, texts, and multimedia communications. 

It eliminates the hurdles posed by data silos and manual labor, enabling faster and more comprehensive reconstruction of incident timelines. This allows you to swiftly return to the crucial task of supporting your staff. Thanks to NICE's 911 audio recorder, incident reconstructions that previously took hours or days are now accomplished within minutes.


Save Time & Resources

Reconstruct incidents 50% faster

Comprehensive Incident Timeline
Automatically combines multimedia, CAD data and geo-maps for synchronized playback
Eliminate Backlogs
Comply with tougher disclosure deadlines
Get Response Right
Gives you more time back in your day to coach and engage with staff

Automated Evidence Production 

NICE revolutionizes the entire audio evidence request, collection, and sharing process, expediting incident reconstructions and enhancing their depth. Now, fulfilling requests is as simple as clicking a button. Leveraging automation, we aid in eradicating backlogs and redundant tasks, enhancing transparency, and liberating time and resources for prioritizing the human aspect of emergency communications.


Eliminate Backlogs

Comply with tougher disclosure deadlines

Save Time and Resources

Comply with tougher disclosure deadlines

Single Place to Work
Fulfill requests, redact and transcribe in one system
Transparency & Accountability
Comprehensive audit trail reporting

Automated 911 Quality Assurance Software

Ensuring Quality Assurance and Improvement (QA/QI) in 911 call taking and dispatch is pivotal for the success of telecommunicators. Unaddressed issues can lead to frustration and high turnover rates. However, with limited resources and budgets, prioritizing 911 Quality Assurance poses a challenge. Manual QA processes for call taking and dispatch exacerbate these challenges.

Engaging in manual and sporadic PSAP Quality Assurance neglects critical incidents and performance trends, missing opportunities for enhancement. Improvement is impossible without awareness of existing issues.

Our automated, targeted 911 Quality Assurance software expedites truth discovery. It swiftly identifies areas of struggle for telecommunicators, allowing more QA reviews in less time. By focusing 911 Quality Assurance efforts on vital aspects, it facilitates quicker, more impactful feedback. This ensures telecommunicators are happier and perform optimally in their roles.


Double QA Productivity
Automated scheduling of incidents using CAD data saves time
Expand QA Coverage
Review EMD, police and fire call taking, radio dispatch and administrative calls 
Targeted QA Evaluation
Rapidly identify, diagnose and resolve critical issues
Know What Happened
Get complete picture with synchronized audio, operator screens, text, multimedia and maps

Real-time 911 Performance Metrics Reporting Dashboards

In emergency communications, ignorance can pose significant risks, impacting not just daily operations but potentially jeopardizing lives. Having real-time insights into center operations is crucial. Unfortunately, these insights are often scattered across diverse systems, making it challenging to consolidate them.

Enter NICE Inform Intelligence Center—an automated hub for collecting and analyzing incident data. This centralized system accelerates truth-seeking endeavors. Real-time 911 performance metrics and reporting dashboards offer immediate visibility into operational efficiency. Additionally, you can delve deeper by accessing recordings of incidents to comprehend the sequence of events.

Eliminating uncertainties allows you to proactively address issues before they escalate, fostering a proactive approach to problem-solving.


Single View of the Truth
Consolidates data from multiple systems and calculates metrics
Always Know What’s Performing
Across all personnel, agencies and incidents
Drive Improvements
Display metrics on TV wallboards and schedule QA evaluations from the dashboard
Identify Issues & Bottlenecks
Understand root causes by drilling through metrics to underlying incident data and recordings

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