Interview Room Recording

Interview Room Recording Product Information

We offer highly customizable and completely integrated interview room recording systems both promised and web-based for prisons and jails.

The software we provide includes one or many cameras for each interview or meeting room to record an event or an interviewee, such as an inmate.

Recordings are then saved to a server, either on-premise or in the cloud where they can be shared internally or with law enforcement as well as attorneys and other agency representatives.

 Additional recorded content, interview notes and more can be collected and stored with interview room recordings. If there are multiple recordings, they can be redacted to create a single source document.

Remote monitoring and video streaming options, including mobile recordings made with a tablet or smartphone are also available.

At Voice Products, Inc., our interview room recording solution has a number of impressive features and options. To ensure that future needs and scalability is achievable this solution has features including 16 channel support, clip builder, redundant recording, searchable metadata, searchable notes as well as systems integration, chain of evidence, web browser support, channel linking and one-click export.

Interview Room Recording

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