Courtroom Recording Solutions

We offer highly customizable and completely integrated courtroom recording solutions for your business.

We provide both audio and video recording solutions for courtrooms. Each courtroom case typically requires four to eight microphones, which are set up in a courtroom to record audio from all participants such as the judge, witness stand, defendant, prosecutor, podium, and jury.

Cameras are also available for video recording options. Our systems can integrate with case management systems, as well as allow for other attachments and files to be added for a more complete record.

We offer digital solutions from VIQ and FTR that will save you time and effort by eliminating the changing, storing, and searching of bulky tapes. Our products will provide effortless digital recording, annotation, playback, storage, and workflow management in one convenient enterprise-level solution for your courtrooms and conference rooms.

Check out our solutions below and let us know what would work for you!

Our Solutions

VIQ Solutions

Modernize your courtroom with VIQ's digital court recording technology that's leading the industry.

VIQ's comprehensive solutions, such as CapturePro™ can capture and secure court testimony, attorney arguments and judge instructions while giving you the tools to manage it all and share it as needed. With multi-channel high definition audio and video across several formats and device types, CapturePro™ provides you with:

  • Security: protects all your content 
  • Ease of Use: Simple to operate, start recording with just a few mouse clicks
  • Reliability: 99% uptime
  • Compatibility: integrates seamlessly with case management systems.

Find what suits your needs from the CapturePro™ Solutions Suite which includes:

  • CapturePro™
  • CapturePro™ Conference
  • CapturePro™ On-the-Go
  • CapturePro™ Media Manager
  • CapturePro™ Integration Case Manager (ICM)
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For The Record (FTR)

As courtrooms across the world turn to digital technology, For The Record's innovative solutions can help you capture and manage court testimony and records. 

The FTR Gold™ Recording Suite is the industry standard, with high fidelity audio and high definition video recording either on-site or remotely. The latest version of FTR Gold™ is even easier to use but still reliable and powerful so you don't miss a thing. 

FTR's solutions have several benefits for your workflow including:

  • Eight-channel high fidelity audio and HD video
  • Peace of mind with automatic detection and alerts for loss of signal
  • Remote control so you can monitor several recordings 
  • Note-taking allows you to mark important moments

We can customize what you need for your courtroom from FTR's different solutions:

  • FTR Gold™ Recording Suite
  • FTR Touch™
  • FTR Player™
  • FTR Gold™ Annotation Suite
  • FTR Gold™ Server
  • Fill out this form to download information about FTR's solutions for courtroom recordings

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