Work From Home

Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, many organizations have transitioned their employees to work from home (WFH). Contact centers are no different but some of the challenges are unique to customer service agents and their managers.

You may already be asking these questions:

  • How do I maintain communication with my at-home employees?
  • How do I keep my at-home employees engaged and motivated?
  • How do I ensure my at-home employees are providing and maintaining the right level of service?
  • How do I deal with unexpected spikes in call volume?

To find answers to these key challenges you may have to design a new way to operate, allowing your agents and your supervisors and managers to stay productive and efficient in a virtual setting.


We can help through a variety of solutions:
  • Employee Engagement Management (EEM): Help your employees get better work-life balance by giving them access to their schedules allowing them more flexibility to swap shifts as needed.
  • CX Cloud-Native Platform: to help you redeploy employees to work from home while maintaining business continuity
  • Enlighten: Automate understanding of at-home agent soft skills for more focused coaching and performance improvement
  • Desktop Analytics: Better understand remote agents’ activities by being able to see their desktop-application usage
  • Workforce Management: Smart algorithms to help your forecast and schedule your workforce
  • Satmetrix: Surveys and reports to help you understand your agents’ WFH experience so you can improve it
  • Quality Central: Evaluate and coach employees up to their fullest potential
  • Nexidia: For automated insight on how agents are handling tasks
  • NEVA: Real-time desktop guidance and automation, can replace real-time coaching
  • Performance Management: To manage all performance metrics in a single source
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Telemedicine and contact centers
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