Physical Security

Regardless of where you are, there is always a need for physical security. Physical security can mean a number of things, and it's important to understand which software and solutions are available for your business, organization, household, and more. It's crucial to maintain preventive measures, such as access control, surveillance, and security testing.

For example, we provide physical security software that can monitor and record anyone who enters or exits a building, office suite, or specific room. We also provide a variety of cameras that can record any interaction with another person.

Some of our physical security features include:

  • Access Control:  door locks, key fobs, access cards + software to configure and grant/deny and track access
  • Video Surveillance:  monitor/record on camera where people go and what they do, detect and record motion in a secure room.  Can also be referred to as CCTV (Closed Circuit TV). Cameras may be analog or IP but are increasingly going to IP.
  • Body Worn Cameras:  used by security personnel and law enforcement to record activity and/or interaction with another person.  Recordings can be redacted.
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