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Virtual M.D. Scribes

Stop spending more time on the computer than with patients with the help of virtual scribes through Voice Products

Burnout is a reality for physicians and their nurses, and too much documentation is often to blame. 

One study found that doctors spend two hours working on electronic health records and other desk tasks for every hour they spend face to face with patients. And the major of nurses spend at least half their shift doing data entry in the EHR. 

We've heard your concerns and came up with an innovative way to improve your workday. 

Voice Products has partnered up with a healthcare staffing agency to provide virtual scribes who are also medical doctors. 

How Our Physician Scribing Experience Can Help You

Our revolutionary approach would save you time and money, and free you from the burden of documentation.

We've partnered up with a company with more than 20 years of experience providing resources to healthcare providers. Together we supply foreign-trained medical doctors (M.D.s) who can scribe for your physicians, nurses, and medical assistants. Our doctors are based in the Caribbean and have graduated from schools that provide a direct pathway for placement into U.S. residency programs. These schools are accredited by the National Committee on Foreign Medical Education and Accreditation (NCFMEA).

The doctor scribes are bilingual in English and Spanish and are trained to ask diagnostic questions usually delegated to a nurse. But best of all, they accurately document all the information directly into your EMR. 

Benefits of Virtual M.D. Scribes

Save time during your day

Forget spending time in the EMR after each appointment, and don't worry about charting during out-of-office hours. 

Our virtual scribes will have all the documentation done for you so you can move on to the next patient and go home on time. 

Better doctor-patient experience

Without having to type while talking with the patient, you can provide a more personalized visit that makes you feel more confident, and makes your patient feel more comfortable.

Let our virtual scribes do the charting and documenting, so you can focus on your patients.

More patients, more money

Once you stop spending valuable time in your EMR, you'll find that you have time to see more patients while maintaining individual attention.

Bringing more patients in will in turn bring in more money which would more than cover the cost of a virtual scribe.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is your scribes service HIPAA compliant?

                Yes, our partner guarantees HIPAA compliance which is detailed in the Business Associate Agreement. Additionally, our foreign-trained M.D. scribes sign paperwork regarding HIPAA compliance. We have a no-tolerance policy for noncompliance and any foreign-trained M.D. scribe who violates this policy will be removed from the program.

Which EMRs can your M.D. scribes use?

                Our scribe team is led by a foreign-trained M.D. who performed part of her clinical training in the United States using the EPIC EMR. Our scribes are also able to learn other EMRs quickly and can produce better quality charts that allow healthcare providers to maximize documenting the medical complexity of a visit.

Do your M.D. scribes know how to use medical coding?

                Yes, we train our scribes on CPT billing codes, and on the specific codes used by each practice. Because of their education and training as medical doctors, our scribes are able to create detailed charts according to the complexity of a medical visit. This allows healthcare providers to feel confident that their charts are accurate not only for billing purposes but for audits and even in the unfortunate event of a medical malpractice claim.

How would your M.D. scribes work in my practice?

                We can customize the workflow according to your needs and specifications. Our scribes can be available to providers, nurses, or other staff without ever being seen by a patient or they can be more involved by asking the patient screening questions while documenting the answers in the EMR.i

The Virtual M.D. Scribe Encounter

How it could work in your practice

A virtual scribe experience in your office can be set up exactly how you want it. We can customize the workflow to your needs and help you feel confident in the accuracy of your records while also saving time.

These are two examples of what the encounter looks like.

Example 1: 

  • Physicians and nurses are provided a tablet to use to communicate with the scribe.
  • The scribe is connected with the doctor or nurse during a patient visit and documents directly in your EMR. 
  • It is up to you to decide whether the scribe is visible to your patient.  
  • When the visit concludes the nurse or doctor doesn't have to document anything in the EMR.

Example 2:

  • While the nurse takes the patient's vitals, the scribe is connected and visible through a laptop, tablet, or monitor on the wall, and is introduced to the patient.
  • The nurse leaves and the scribe asks the patient screening questions that the scribe documents directly in your EMR.
  • When the physician enters the room, the scribe continues to document, including treatment plans and prescriptions.
  • When the visit concludes the nurse or doctor doesn't have to document anything in the EMR.
Doctors spend 27% of their day directly with patients versus 49.2% of their day on EHR and other desk work. We Can Help!
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