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Voice Products has partnered with CHS to provide multi-lingual foreign-trained and foreign-licensed medical doctors as Virtual Medical Scribes. Our remote medical scribes are uniquely qualified to help the doctor and the nurse staff by managing all the documentation and patient interaction. 

Burnout and high turnover is a growing reality for physicians and their nurses, and too much documentation is often to blame. 

One study found that doctors spend two hours working on electronic health records and other desk tasks for every hour they spend face to face with patients. Nurses spend at least half their shift doing data entry in the EHR. Consequently, this growing documentation requirement in U.S. medical practices is driving fatigue and high turnover.

We've heard your concerns and developed an innovative way to improve your workday. 

How Our Physician Scribing Experience Can Help You

CHS was founded as a physician and hospital service organization with the mission to help physicians, nurses, and health care administration. We help manage the complexities of the “business of medicine”, while dramatically improving physician and patient experiences. 

CHS specializes in recruiting and hiring licensed general medical doctors and training them as virtual medical scribes to assist U.S. based physicians and nurses with EMR documentation to reduce burnout. CHS recently expanded its offering to augment non-clinical virtual staffing to support administration functions including scheduling, insurance verification, and receptionist.

These schools are accredited by the National Committee on Foreign Medical Education and Accreditation (NCFMEA).

Additionally, our virtual medical doctor scribes are multi-lingual and are trained to ask diagnostic questions usually delegated to a nurse or doctor. As as result, they are qualified medical interpreters for compliance under section 1557 of the Affordable Care Act (ACA),  assisting your practice or clinic with providing adequate care for foreign language speaking patients.

Virtual Medical Scribes Accreditation 

The National Committee on Foreign Medical Education and Accreditation (NCFMEA) is charged with determining whether the standards of accreditation used by foreign country to accredit medical schools, are comparable to standards applied to medical schools in the United States. 

If you would like to learn more about the Guidelines for Determinations of Comparability click here to access the National Committee on Foreign Medical Education and Accreditation (NCFMEA) document. 

In 2022 our Virtual Medical 
Scribes had NO SICK DAYS! 

In 2023 we continue to have a high attendance rate! 


“Since using the medical scribe it has become more manageable for our physician to attend to all the patients seen at the clinic and completing his documentation timely.  In addition, the scribe has assisted with translation services.”

-Leticia C. Rodriguez, CEO

ward memorial hospital

"It’s been an exceptional experience to work with Lamour.  His notes are accurate and thorough.  He is also always open to minor improvements such as wording changes.  He ensures all notes are done quickly as well.  As far as revenue goes it has increased numbers by nearly 30% moving from around 22 patients per day to easily 28 patients per day.  This has also shown helpful on patient satisfaction given patients are more easily able to get in to be seen when sick.  

Overall the experience has been more than I could have asked for."

-Dr. Blake DeWitt

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Benefits of Virtual Medical Scribes

Save time during your day

No need to spend time in the EMR after each appointment, and no need to chart during out-of-office hours.

Our virtual medical scribes will have all the documentation done for you so you can move on to the next patient and go home after your appointments.

Better doctor-patient experience

Without having to type while talking with the patient, you can provide a more personalized visit that makes you feel more confident, and makes your patient feel more comfortable.

Let our virtual medical scribes do the charting and documenting, so you can focus on your patients.

More patients, more money

Once you stop spending valuable time in your EMR, you'll find that you have time to see more patients while maintaining individual attention.

Allowing for more patients in a day, means more revenue. Ultimately, providing a positive return on investment on the cost of a virtual scribe. 

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Meet our Virtual Medical Scribes

The Virtual Medical Scribe Encounter

How it could work in your practice

Our virtual medical scribe experience in your office can be set up exactly how you want it. First, we customize the workflow to your needs and help you feel confident in the accuracy of your records while also saving time.

These are two examples of what the encounter could look like.

Example 1: 

The virtual medical scribe supports the physician's documentation burden.

  1. The doctor securely connects to the virtual medical scribe prior to seeing their first patient for the day, while the scribe is ready to document in your EMR. 
  2. The physician sees his patients and the remote medical scribe passively listens to document the exam diagnoses, session notes, and treatment plan. When the visit concludes the physician doesn't have to document anything in the EMR, just review and sign.
  3. Relieving the physician's documentation fatigue and burn-out allows for a minimum of 25% more patients seen in a clinical schedule. Your practice increases revenue while offering patients with more scheduling availabilities. 

Example 2:

The virtual scribe supports the patient's in-take process to relieve your current clinical staff.

  1. The nurse securely connects to the virtual medical scribe at the beginning of their day.
  2. The nurse greets the patient from the lobby to collect and verbalize the vitals to the remote medical scribe connected via a portable device such as a laptop or tablet. The remote medical scribe will document the vitals. 
  3. Next the patient is escorted to the exam room and is visually introduced to the virtual medical scribe on the portable device. The virtual medical scribe will privately update the medical information, health concerns, etc with the patient.
  4. When the physician is ready, the virtual medical scribe provides a brief medical synopsis then documents the physicians notes, lab orders and treatment plans.
  5. After the visit concludes the patient is escorted to check out by the nurse. The physician or nurse do not document anything in the EMR, just review and sign. 
Doctors spend 27% of their day directly with patients versus 49.2% of their day on EHR and other desk work. We Can Help!
Our mission at Voice Products is to always exceed customer expectations with an emphasis on total customer satisfaction.
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