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Save time and avoid burnout with medical speech recognition from Voice Products

Too much documentation has been the cause of frustration and burnout for doctors and nurses for years. The COVID-19 pandemic only added to that and now 47% of physicians show signs of burnout -- a recognized medical disorder.

Already long days become longer when doctors have to take work home or stay later so they can finish clerical work, such as completing charts in the EHR. And their job satisfaction drops because they're doing less of what they like - taking care of patients.  But there is a solution out there --medical speech recognition software.

Speech-to-text software has exploded in the healthcare industry, promising fewer transcription costs and faster document turnaround. But it can also help doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals shorten their workday by allowing them to speak instead of type.

The right voice-to-text software will save you time by allowing you to document much more quickly, navigating your EHR faster with less pointing and clicking.

Voice Products offers several different HIPAA-compliant solutions, both on-premise and cloud-based. Many of our solutions are quick to set up so you can start documenting in just minutes. 

Among our solutions is Nuance Dragon Medical One, considered the leader in the medical speech recognition market and consistently top-rated by KLAS Research. Dragon dictation solutions are known for their accuracy.

Dolbey's Fusion Narrate is also at the top of the ratings every year, with unique features that allow you to get around your EHR with only your voice, avoiding the frustration of constantly checking boxes and clicking on dropdown menus.

nVoq Voice is the third speech recognition solution we offer that has medically infused vocabulary that supports highly accurate capture of patient narratives.

We also offer unparalleled training and support as we answer our phones 24/7 letting you speak with a trainer or technician almost any time you can. 

Let us find the solution that's right for you!

Our Solutions

Benefits of Speech Recognition for Physicians

One of the most frustrating parts of any healthcare provider's day is having to document in the EHR – there’s too much typing, too many mouse clicks, it takes up too much time.

But it doesn't have to be that way. Our speech recognition solutions can help you:

Save Time

It’s no secret that doctors are not great typists. The median physician types only 30 words per minute when some doctors can speak as fast as 150 words a minute. Speech recognition programs can save you more than two hours in your day

Reduce Frustration

Did you know that one study found 4,000 mouse clicks during a physician's 10-hour shift? Voice typing can eliminate most of those clicks, by allowing you to use shortcuts to navigate dropdown menus, box checks, and excessive scrolling.

Improve Patient Care

Eliminating much of the stress of completing paperwork and other clerical tasks allows physicians to spend more time with their patients. Care improves when providers have fewer distractions and can be present and focused during a patient visit.

EMR life is much better. I am not as frustrated clicking all the same buttons with each patient day after day. I can go through my desktop with greater speed and I go home on time."

Kimberlee A. Walker, ARNP
Family Practice Director,
River Hills Community Health Center

Speech Recognition Specialties 


Finally, an Easy and Reliable Pathology Dictation Software
  • Foot pedal support
  • Pathology-specific vocabulary
  • Fully HIPAA-Compliant
  • Works with any application


Why Fusion Narrate?
  • Cloud based convenience 
  • Radiology-specific vocabulary
  • Powerful shortcuts
  • Accurate recognition
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