PublicSonar - Social Media Intelligence

Use PublicSonars AI-driven insights to detect real time social media information, threats, and incidents.

What is PublicSonar?

PublicSonar’s mission is to put life-saving information at the fingertips of emergency services. We serve police, public safety bodies, security specialists, and those responsible for emergency response, transportation, and critical infrastructure. Since 2012, we’ve harnessed the latest advances in artificial intelligence to extract real-time information from social media and other public data sources. By instantly providing relevant data in the right context, we help emergency services reduce risks and save lives.

How can PublicSonar help you?

Over 70 percent of adults in the U.S. use social media, and many use it to report high-risk situations. Often, these messages contain valuable information that could improve situational awareness. But sadly, much of this data doesn’t reach emergency services.

Using the latest advances in artificial intelligence, PublicSonar connects contextually relevant social media data into public safety organizations.

Detect the earliest signals on Social Media

Recognize signals of incidents and emergencies at an early stage in order to act rapidly and prevent escalation.

Understand the situation from the public

Citizens' reports provide a comprehensive, unequaled awareness of locations, circumstances and sentiments.

Decide with confidence on how to help

Follow developments closely with additional “eyes-on-the-scene” and respond with situational awareness.

Different situations you can utilize PublicSonar

Focus on safety within a defined geographic area, such as:
a region, city, square or
high-risk locations.
Instantly create a situational picture of emerging incidents and crises, such as fires, natural disasters, or accidents.
Rapidly recognize dangerous situations at mass gatherings, such as sports events, festivals, or parades.
Identify specific threats &
themes, including terrorist attacks, shootings, extreme weather events, and environmental risks.

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