Computer Assisted Coding / Clinical Document Improvement

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Voice Products Fusion CAC

Fusion CAC is a single engine platform that suggests ICD- 10 and CPT codes for all types of patients encounters. The Fusion CAC system automates workflow and case management for all users and all encounter types. Fusion CAC also hosts modules for denials management tracking, auditing, and single path coding. This technology has the ability to automate coding for up to 70% of outpatient encounters.

Efficient and effective revenue cycle processes ensure the financial health and instability of an organization. The Fusion CAC platform integrates with multiple clinical applications to support revenue cycle management. One engine and one platform for all types of encounters allows the CDI, coding, auditing and quality teams to work seamlessly together, saving time while reducing duplication of effort.

Fusion CAC has an impact throughout the revenue cycle because it brings together applications for computer assisted coding (CAC), computer assisted clinical documentation improvement(CDI), and auditing into a single solution.

The Fusion CAC engine brings together both machine learning technologies as well as artificial intelligence. Documentation integrity with proper reimbursement and regulatory compliance are all possible when using a single engine that suggests ICT-10 and CPT codes automatically prioritizing the work. Fusion CAC can prioritize based on clinical indicators such as patient safety, codes, as well as hospital acquired conditions, documents integrity and HCCs, to name a few. The single platform works for all patient encounter types. Fusion CAC consolidates and organizes the patient’s record with all the necessary tools and references needed to streamline the coding and CDI review process, saving time and increasing productivity.

Our computer assisted coding incorporates a provider query module that is shared by all users. This integrated physician query module allows users to write and send queries to the provider for their response. Our detailed reporting allows for tracking and trending of all query activity, including the query topics, the response turnaround time as well as quality and financial outcomes.

A Highlight of Fusion CAC Features

The Fusion CAC platform has all the features and functionality for improving the accuracy, completeness and compliancy of clinical documentation and coding.


  • Concurrent, post Discharge, prebill and retrospective workflow
  • Automatic deficiency workflow
  • Case prioritization
  • Charts that meet quality indicators are flagged


  • Search tool that allows a user to find words and phrases without combing through all the documents
  • Notes and bookmark tools promote cross team collaboration
  • Chart navigation feature provide an optimized view of the patient chart
  • Previous HCCs are brought forward from previous encounters
  • Autonomous coding capability for simple outpatient charts
  • Auto-suggested working DRG on admission until CDI is available to review
  • Document comparison shows the differences between two documents
  • Mobile query platform


  • User dashboards with access to real-time data
  • Over 30 standard user reports
  • Simple robust Ad Hoc reporting capabilities
  • Report scheduler for automated distribution
  • Calendar view for at-a-glance access to key data points


  • Online references (ICD-10 official guidelines, Merck manual, AHA coding handbook, Coding advise & more)
  • Real-time edits (MCE, OCE) and references when validating engine-suggested codes
  • Case prioritization
  • Charts that meet quality indicators are flagged


  • Coding Audit Module
  • Denials Management Module
  • Single-Path Coding Module
  • ER E/M Module


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