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CAC (Computer-Assisted Coding)

Computer-assisted coding (CAC) is defined as software that suggests codes to human coders for validation.  The process increases productivity while sponsoring better code accuracy through more thorough medical coding.  Fusion CAC accomplishes this and much more.  By utilizing Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), Fusion CAC presents pre-suggested codes on charts to human coders to validate the results before processing the codes to billing.  Fusion CAC can increase productivity, decrease variability, identify problem documentation for a quick return on investment.

Our CAC solution from Dolbey has won Best in KLAS for six years in a row (2017,2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, & 2022). Recently, a large Florida hospital implemented Fusion CAC in an effort to increase the productivity of coders and clinical documentation improvement (CDI) specialists. Their successful experience with our solution is outlined here.


CDI (Clinical Data Improvement)

Fusion CDI is a current and retrospective software solution that has many benefits and capabilities not found on any other CDI solution in its industry. This can be purchased with our CAC system or separately. Fusion CDI ensures proper documentation and better patient care. It includes administration and reporting tools that provide a one-stop management solution for workflow to coders, quality assurance staff and case management.


CAPD (Computer Assisted Physician Documentation)

This technology can be used with any front-end speech recognition solution to alert the author as he or she is dictating. For example, if the physician had left out some pertinent information that could lead to a more specific diagnosis for the patient, then the correct information would appear on the screen.

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