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When choosing a phone system for your business, the choice between an on-premise solution or a hosted phone system (PBX - Private Branch Exchange) can be confusing. 

A hosted phone system, also known as Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) is a growing tool for businesses. It's a virtual phone system hosted for you by a service provider. But it provides tools well beyond just phone communications, including text, video, emails, and much more. 

The industry is worth more than $20 billion and it keeps expanding. That's because UCaaS can provide you with more flexibility than ever before, without costing too much or forcing you to sacrifice security.

Benefits of a Cloud-Based Communications System

With a hosted PBX, introducing a new phone system to your business isn't as scary as it sounds. It's quick and easy to set up, so there's no downtime for your business and no pricey upfront costs. 

Voice Products can help you find a hosted phone solution to make you feel confident that your company's communication needs are in safe hands and that you'll receive the best service and support available. 

Here are a few reasons more and more companies are choosing hosted phone systems:


A cloud solution can give you and your business more security than a traditional phone system can. That's because cloud phone services use several security measures like data encryption, network security, HIPAA-compliant, and more to keep your data and your users safe. 


Cloud phone solutions give you the flexibility to scale up or down as needed. Unlike traditional phone systems, they allow you to purchase "seats" on a monthly basis.


Your business can stay connected on a cloud-based phone system because of uptime and failsafe methods like disaster recovery.


A cloud-based system allows you to decide how you want your workplace to look. It gives you the flexibility to allow  your employees to work from the office, home, mobile phones, even from another country.

Cost Savings

A cloud communications solution can save you now and in the long run. Implementation of hosted systems is much more cost-effective because there's no need for expensive hardware and pricy installations. Savings are ongoing because you can eliminate maintenance costs since you have no need to hire someone in house to manage your system.

Five Ways UCaaS Can Improve Your Customer Service

Every business wants their customers to have a great experience when dealing with customer service and you can do just that by installing a unified communications (UCaaS) phone system. 

A UCaaS platform helps you provide that high level of customer service in an efficient manner. It goes beyond using a telephone and includes tools like instant messaging and emailing, which you can use to communicate with not only your customer but also with other people in your company, even tech support simultaneously. The system can allow your rep access to your customer database, further enhancing the customer experience.

Here are five ways UC can help your small business serve customers better:

1. Answer customers’ questions more quickly:

The basic premise of UC is better, faster, and more efficient collaboration among colleagues, including instant messaging, web and video conferencing, and
telephone-based tools. When it comes to customer service, this means allowing your employees to see who else in the company is available at that moment to help and to bring that person into
the conversation without asking the customer to wait.

2. Give customers better information:

UC can also help you give customers better, more complete information straight from the experts, whether they’re within your own company or a partner’s. Internal conferencing features give customer service reps access to experts; and, in some cases, they can even transfer the customer directly to the expert without having to put the customer on hold for more than a few seconds.

3. Be available to customers any time, any place:

UC is great for companies that conduct business globally. It lets international customers contact you with whichever communications method they prefer. On your end, a UC solution will gather voicemails, emails, and other messages into one inbox, which you can use to respond to customers in any time zone.

4. Help customers find the right product:

UC can let you connect customers who are researching possible purchases to in-house experts who can help guide them to the right product and even suggest other products to buy. If you’re already using a customer relationship management (CRM) solution, you can integrate it with a UC solution to provide employees instant access to customer order histories.

Improving customer service can also benefit your bottom line. In the Forrester survey, 67% of small business respondents said that they could generate as much as 20% more revenue from the web if they could connect customers to experts online.

5. Strengthen customer relationships:

Using UC’s conferencing features, you can have a web-based meeting complete with audio, video, and collaboration tools with customers at any time. Good customer service is critical to the success of any small business.

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