Speech Recognition

Speech Recognition in Various Fields

We offer highly customizable and completely integrated speech recognition solutions for your business. Our speech recognition solutions make it easier for anyone to use a computer.

Regardless of the industry, speech recognition can be used to dictate and transcribe documents, reports, forms, online searches, emails and more. We offer a variety of features, tailored to meet specific industries and organization needs.


Speech recognition software has exploded in the healthcare industry, promising reduced transcription costs with increased document turnaround. We offer both premise-based and cloud speech recognition solutions. Our technology uses deep learning as well as artificial intelligence and does not require any voice training or deployment. Click here for a free trial of any of our speech recognition solutions.  

Our speech recognition software is ideal for attorneys and other legal professionals who want to work faster and smarter. It lets users dictate documents, send emails, search the Web, and command and control their PCs — entirely by voice command. Learn More.

Whether you’re a medical doctor or a veterinarian the tools are always similar. Speech recognition is the evolving tool for veterinarian documentation. Learn More.

Speech recognition for law enforcement can be used in many ways. This includes filling out reports and forms, as well as providing police officers with the ability to talk to their computers as they are driving down the road. This will allow officers to perform license plate searches and other tasks without taking their eyes off the road. Learn More.

Our speech recognition software for the financial field reduces the number of time professionals spends typing reports, opening files, creating documents, forms, notes and more. You speak and it types. This allows the user to quickly and easily capture their thoughts and ideas, whether they're in the office or on the go. Learn More.

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