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Secure Video Conferencing

Need Video Conferencing During the COVID-19 Pandemic? WE HAVE THE SOLUTION FOR YOU!
Most Reliable and Easiest to Use
  • Good for meetings, classes, conferences, and telemedicine
  • Compatible with any operating system, browser, tablet or mobile phone
  • Zoom Video Platform
  • Hosted on Amazon's secure cloud (AWS)
  • Unlimited 24/7, US-based support
$99 per Month, per Host for Unlimited Sessions
  • Up to 300 people per session
  • Recordings optional at extra cost, videos stored in the cloud
  • No contract
Most Secure
  • HIPAA Compliant for the security of your health and medical records
  • FERPA Compliant for student records security
  • CJIS compliant for data security and encryption for criminal justice and law enforcement professionals
Workflow Efficient
  • Physician dashboard
  • Easy scheduling
  • Electronic documents and electronic signature
  • Online payments
  • Customized branding (and colors) for your company or organization
  • Live chat
  • Session notes
  • Patient-forward facing calendar
  • Physician network
  • Electronic behavioral health screening and assessments
Hardware Integration
  • Custom telemedicine carts and kiosks
  • Integration with more than 40 medical devices
  • EMR and EHR integration
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