On-Demand Interpreters

Don't Let a Language Barrier Get in the Way. Connect Immediately With Reliable and Trained Interpreters through Voice Products

Whether in healthcare, courtrooms, or business, the need for interpreters is increasing. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 25 million Americans speak English "less than very well."

Voice Products and our partners can help with Let's Talk Interpreters. It's a program that connects you to a qualified interpreter in 30 seconds or less. You can use it on your computer or laptop, or with the mobile app on your smartphone or tablet. 

Our partners believe language is a basic human right and that everyone has access to language help when they need it.

Our interpreters can handle healthcare situations like doctor’s appointments or hospital visits because they’re medically assessed, and HIPAA trained. Outside healthcare, our interpreters are used for meetings and conferences, educational settings, and travel.

We offer many languages, including American Sign Language (ASL) on-demand and dozens of others through scheduled appointments.

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Medical Interpreters

Interpreters in medical settings are not only a necessity, they're required by law.

Let’s Talk Interpreters provides professionals who are qualified, experienced, and trained for medical situations. They’re also HIPAA-compliant and available when you need them.

Our partners created this platform to make interpreters available exactly when you need them and without delays. Doctors say this most user-friendly system out there.

Learn how it works and how it can help your practice, quickly and affordably.

Interpreters for Business & Travel

If you’re attending a virtual global conference or traveling to a foreign country for business or fun, you may find yourself in a situation where you can only communicate in a language other than English.

Let’s Talk interpreters can connect you with a language expert within seconds. Our partners' mobile app makes it easy to find an interpreter using only your smartphone. You can connect with an audio call or you can video chat in real-time.

Learn more about how easy it is to find a language speaker.

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Telemedicine and contact centers
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