Legal Speech Recognition

Our speech recognition software is ideal for attorneys and other legal professionals who want to work faster and smarter. It lets users dictate documents, send emails, search the Web, and command and control their PCs — entirely by voice command.
We offer a speech recognition software designed specifically for the legal community, which includes a special language model to help you achieve optimal out-of-the-box accuracy when dictating legal terms. Using a next-generation speech engine leverage gene deep learning technology, speech adapts to your voice or environmental variations-even when your dictating-to accelerate legal documentation turn around for improved client services. It automatically formats legal citations format case files, contracts, briefs and more. We offer third-party correction features to speed document turnaround and reduce reliance on support staff.

Get Legal Documents Done Anytime, Anywhere

Keep up with documentation even when in court or visiting clients. Speech works with popular form factors such as portable touchscreen PC's. And syncs with cloud-based mobile dictation solutions, letting you create and it documents of any length by voice directly on your IOS or Android device for seamless productivity no matter where your job takes you.

Eliminate Or Reduce Transcription Time And Costs

Transcription services are costly and can slow down documentation processes. Speech recognition allows you to dictate into a digital voice recorder, which automatically transcribes the recordings when you connect to your desktop. You can also transcribe other speakers voices from prerecorded audio files or from past podcasts. The streamlined setup makes transcription faster and easier than ever.

Key Benefits 
  • Web-based administration and management.
  • Maintenance and support include software upgrades.
  • Speech is compatible with Philip's and Olympus dictation solutions.
  • Speech can be used by the transcriptionist to edit the document saving 30% productivity.
  • Speech can be used by an attorney to create emails and forms, fill in the blanks and more.
  • Speech can be loaded on as many PC’s as you wish.
  • Speech can be used with most popular business applications.
  • Speech engine has over 400 million words from legal documents.
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