911 Call Handling

911 Call Handling: A State-Of-The-Art Solution

We provide cutting-edge, high-availability NextGen 911 services that are robust enough to handle the most demanding metropolitan Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs), yet are delivered through a business model geared towards the budgets of smaller or more rural communities. On the user end, our systems are intuitive, completely integrated, and easy to use. On the administrative end, our systems are remotely monitored and maintained, highly reliable, continuously upgraded, and provided at sensible, stable prices.

Understanding Our 9-1-1 Systems

Our 911 systems consist of several parts, including a specialized Spectrum Platform and VOIP system, an ANI/ALI controller, and integrated workstations that include VOIP phones.

The Integrated Workstation is one of the most powerful parts of this system. It ensures that your telecommunications operators can perform all of the functions they need to with just a single monitor and PC, and one keyboard and mouse. It integrates 911, Computer-Aided-Dispatch (CAD) and map functionality into a single PC, which helps provide your staff with a more streamlined and effective work process.

Open-Source, Safe, And Flexible

Our 9-1-1 system is completely open-source and flexible. It is built using “off-the-shelf” hardware, and the gateways, servers, switches and other components are all standardized, and non-proprietary. This means that, in the future, it’s easy to upgrade your systems as your needs change.

The system is built to all require ANSI standards, and complies with NENA NG9-1-1 specifications, to ensure that it’s completely redundant, safe from cyber-attacks, and protected from unexpected downtime. PSAPs (Public Safety Access Points) using these systems experience a 99.999% uptime rate, due to the unique architecture and design of this emergency dispatching system.

Remote Management And Upgrades For Simpler PSAP Management

Our system has been designed for remote management and maintenance by outside IT staff. There is no need to have an on-site IT worker to manage it, as all required upgrades and maintenance can be accomplished remotely.

This helps reduce your overall infrastructure and IT costs, and ensures that, if you need help with your system, you can simply pick up the phone, and contact a qualified support professional who can resolve your issue.

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If you’re interested in upgrading the voice system at your PSAP, and you’d like more technical information, spec sheets, pricing information and other such details, please contact Voice Products right away. We’d be happy to answer any questions you may have about our systems.

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