Claims Collector

Claims and Evidence Collection:
The Claims Representative’s One-Stop Evidence Collection and Storage Solution

Save time, Simplify, and Stay Secure

Evidence collection is vital for claims representatives but collecting, compiling, and organizing all the evidence can be a real pain.

That's why Voice Products has launched Claims Collector, an app that will simplify your evidence gathering with ONE device.

Gone are the days in which you will need to drag around multiple pieces of equipment, cords, and batteries. You can now take photos, videos, interviews with only our app on your phone or tablet. 

Then, Claims Collector will securely store all your evidence for easy access and retrieval. 


The Claims Collector mobile application will replace your:

Digital Camera
Audio Recorder
Video Camera

How it works: 

The Claims Collector app is compatible with Android and iOS. It allows you to record video and audio with notations, take photos, record confidential client statements, and even record dictation, all tagged with a GPS location.

The evidence is then stored in the world's most secure, and only government-approved cloud, Amazon Web Services (AWS). AWS meets security requirement for:

  • HIPAA,
  • CJIS,
  • FERPA 

Claims Collector also makes evidence storage simple. It organizes claims evidence in a secure database that can be sorted and searched by company, claims representative, claim type, etc. Claims representatives can also send any information with a secure link to other personnel, management, or legal team. Additionally, users are able to delete unneeded information and close the claim. Claims Collector provides you with a built-in audit trail or chain of custody that can track all activity by user, date, and time. Claimants can also use the app to document damage without a visit from claims representatives.

What are the Benefits?


  • More efficient office workflows with evidence sent directly to the agency

  • Documented chain of custody throughout the entire process

  • Evidence collection stored in the world's most secure cloud

  • Evidence shared seamlessly across the entire enterprise

  • Easy to search and find any claim by type or representative



Field Users

  • One easy to use app replaces multiple standalone devices (e.g. cameras, microphones, video cams, notepad )
  • Save time processing evidence by uploading directly from the field to secure database
  • All evidence centrally stored and organized by case
  • Multiple users can upload evidence simultaneously to the same event


  • Document and upload damage by yourself, without a visit from an insurance representative
  • Keep social distance from claim adjuster who doesn't have to visit your home during COVID-19
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