Public Safety Dictation & Transcription

There are many applications within the public safety field for digital dictation. There are solutions available for officers dictating their reports, as well as for clerical staff members who may be transcribing those reports. Our solutions offer many ways to dictate, such as using call-in dictation solutions, smartphone apps, microphones that can plug into your computer as well as digital handheld recorders. These solutions also allow you to record interviews, traffic stops and much more.

Our transcription solution is unique in the fact that it uses concurrent licensing. This means you would pay only for the users that need to use the transcription solution at the same time, so it gives you the flexibility to load it on as many PCs as you wish. The transcription player comes with free software upgrades built into the service agreement so it will never be out of date.

Enhance Your Productivity 

  • Dictation workflow solution connecting authors and typists
  • Central administration for efficient system configuration
  • Workflow management for automated work routing and sharing
  • Enterprise-wide login for flexible working environments designed for professionals
  • Seamless integration with Philips dictation hardware
  • Optional companion modules for extended functionality
  • Send your dictation files from anywhere in the world
  • Security features and backup for protecting sensitive data ready for the future
  • Geared for Dragon NaturallySpeaking speech recognition software
  • Templates for fast and concise document creation
  • Citrix and terminal server support for on-demand application delivery
  • Active Directory support for enhanced user management
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Public Safety Dictation & Transcription


Dictation Workflow Solutions

The smart dictation workflow solution links authors, typists, managers, and administrators, facilitating communication, individual workflow settings, and organizational flexibility.

Central Administration

Increase your organization’s productivity by managing users, licenses, and system settings remotely. The central administration function facilitates the configuration of work list columns, filters, and job information.

Automated Workflow 

All work routing, definition of workgroups, and linkage between author and transcriptionist are centrally defined within the system using an intuitive interface. Set up a schedule to determine which dictation files should be sent when and to whom, and the files are reliably transferred according to the predefined settings. Workstation-independent software solutions from letting you decide for yourself how you want to work. Workstation-independent password settings allow users to log onto any computer within the company network and access their settings and familiar working environment.

Seamless Integration

The seamless integration into a digital dictation solutions guarantees superb audio quality, highly accurate speech recognition, automatic download of dictation files onto the computer, and easy hardware administration.

Modular Structure

Digital dictation features modules and functionalities that extend beyond simple recording and transcription. With the Statistics Module and the Workflow Manager, the system offers two optional modules to adapt the software to every professional dictation and transcription need.


Digital dictation enables you to transcend all geographical boundaries, securely connecting headquarters with its subsidiaries, branches with home offices, and mobile users with their typist. The Recorder App. for iPhone and BlackBerry turns your smartphone into a wireless digital dictation recorder. Record dictation files at home, in the office, on a plane, or anywhere you need to record and send voice files.

Data Security And Backup

File encryption, password-protected login, and secure file transfer allow only authorized individuals to access your documents. The optional automatic backup function protects your data against accidental loss.

Speech recognition integration connects seamlessly with Dragon Professional or Legal speech recognition software and Dragon Medical Practice Edition to control the entire document creation workflow within one single application.

The Complete Speech Recognition Process Is Managed Within The Dictation Solution

Record directly into predefined templates to speed up the document creation process. Use roaming profiles for workstation-independent speech recognition. Being geared for Citrix, Windows terminal server and VMware allows on-demand application delivery. Dictation can be virtualized, centralized and managed in the data center for instant delivery as a service to users anywhere. Our dictation products have been successfully certified as Citrix-ready and VMware-ready.

Active Directory Services

Dictation systems can support Microsoft Active Directory services for central and easy administration of users and workgroups.

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