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Telemedicine Carts, Kiosks, and Instruments

Connect With Patients With Reliable and Secure Telemedicine Hardware through Voice Products

The team that created our telemedicine solution has a passion for developing clinical systems that are simple, intuitive, and realistic.

The company has also developed more than 40 FDA-compliant telemedicine instruments that provide physicians with more tools than ever to diagnose and treat patients remotely, along with custom telemedicine carts and kiosks.

Telemedicine Carts and Kiosks

Preferred Tabletop Kiosk

The compact size of the customizable LTI Premier Preferred Tabletop Kiosk fits on your counter without sacrificing functionality. It features:

  • 15” or 22” HD touchscreen monitor
  • i7 CPU, 16GB RAM, 256GB SSD, Windows 10 Pro
  • Projective capacitive multi-touch touch sensor
  • Security Locks
  • Internal 6-outlet power strip w/ surge protection
  • Topple resistant base plate with ability to bolt to ground
  • 3 external USB 3.0 ports
  • Integrated HD Webcam
Starting at $8232.00

Does not include any additional devices
Price does not include taxes or shipping

Tabletop Kiosk

The A1 Tabletop Telehealth Kiosk comes with:

  • locking storage drawer
  • Pan Tilt Zoom Camera,
  • USB 3.0 (3),
  • RJ45 (1),
  • 3.5mm Audio Jack (1)
  • Microsoft Surface Pro Tablet - 12.3 - 8 GB RAM - Windows 10 Pro - Platinum - Intel Core i7 i7-8650U Quad-core (4 Core) 1.90 GHzmicroSDXC, microSD, microSDHC Supported - 5 Megapixel Front Camera - 8 Megapixel Rear Camera, Integrated Speakers. 1-Year Limited Hardware Warranty
Starting at $7,200.00

Contact us for customizations. 

Price does not include taxes, shipping, or additional devices


Tablet Cart

The LTI Hi-View Tablet Cart is lightweight yet sturdy. It can be set up with casters so it becomes mobile, or it be fitted with rubber feet to operate as a stationary kiosk. 

This tablet cart allows different tables to be mounted so you don't have to change your workflow. 

  • Economic virtual presence platform for rapid deployment
  • Deploy to patient rooms, emergency departments, temporary near-site or offsite locations,
  • Reduce physical contact to limit the spread of infection
  • Tablet NOT included
Starting at $793.00

Price does not include taxes, shipping, or additional devices

Hi Core Tablet Cart

The LTI HI-Core Telehealth Tablet Cart is small and lightweight, making it easy to maneuver. All HI-Core carts can be easily configured as powered or non-powered.

  • Multiple accessory options available
  • Cable management equipment and power bricks stowed under flip-up work surface
  • Gas assist work surface height adjustment (32.9” sitting to 44.9” standing) 
  • Single point of charge kit includes: fused AC inlet, 8ft hospital-grade coiled power cord, and AC power distribution with 3 receptacles for powering customer equipment
  • Storage security options include: non-locking, keyed lock, or electronic keypad lock
Starting at $8,018.00

Price does not include taxes, shipping, additional devices

Telehealth Cart

The LTI Hi Care-E Lite Teleahealth Cart is designed with ergonomics in mind while providing clinicians with everything they need, including mobility. The cart features

  • Dual wheel casters with two locking casters
  • Anti-microbial agents in touch surfaces
  • Rubberized footrest
  • Negative/positive tilt
  • Slide-out keyboard tray with wrist rest
  • Work surface height adjustment
  • Large raised edge work surface with translucent protective cover
  • Two-tier key locking storage cabinet and many other options available
  • Rear handle with basket
  • Jabra 410 speakerphone
  • Lumens PTZ camera
  • Shipped fully assembled
Starting at $10,400.00

Price does not include taxes, shipping, additional devices

Dual Monitor Telehealth Cart

The LTI HI TeleCare Telehealth Cart Dual Monitor allows for different telemedicine use case options. It has a smaller footprint that typical telemedicine carts and features:

  • External I/O panel allows for use of plug and play diagnostic devices
  • 24” dual monitor displays, dual monitor mount
  • Configurable PC options
  • Customizable accessory mounts
  • Tool-less battery removal
  • UL and CE rated
  • Central control panel with electronic height adjustment, independent electronic monitor adjustment, lighting controls, and storage management
  • 4 tier electronic locking storage drawers
  • Lumens PTZ HD Camera
  • Jabra Speakerphone
Starting at $14,933.00

Price does not include taxes, shipping, additional devices


Notebook Telehealth Cart

The LTI Notebook Telecore Telehealth Cart has a small and lightweight design that's highly configurable for a variety of workflows. It also features:  

  • Ergonomics like slide-out keyboard, gas-assist work surface height adjustment
  • Configurable I/O panel to connect peripheral devices and available mounting options for multipurpose exam camera, otoscope, stethoscopes, ultrasound probes, ECG with leads, vital signs monitor
  • Key-lockable PC compartment with AC outlets
  • Universal PTZ Camera mount
  • Laptop included
Starting at $8,200.00

Price does not include taxes, shipping, and may vary based on laptop availability



The LTI Tempscreen allows for quick check-ins during and after the pandemic and lets you know who is inside your facility. It features:

  • Ability to use tokens for access - mobile phones, RFID/NFC access card, driver's license
  • Touch-screen
  • Speedy temperature detection
  • Highly customizable screening questionnaire which can be sent in advance
  • Real-time alerts, multiple email alerts allowed
  • Ability to print badges or wristbands
  • Highest level of data security and protection (HIPAA and PHI Compliant)
  • Integrates existing ban-end systems such as access control, EMRs, payroll

Featured in ComputerWorld

Mobile Telemedicine Kits

Premium Rugged Kit

The LTI Premium Rugged Telemedicine Kit is a fully mobile platform with a military-grade tablet with readable glove-capable Gorilla Glass so you can video conference in any condition, such as a disaster relief environment, emergency response, even rural healthcare outreach.

The rolling case can withstand impact, dust, and bad weather and stores medical devices such as the TotalExam 3 kit, LTI Horus Scope Kit, PCP-USB Stethoscope, All-in-One Vitals Monitor. 

Starting at $16,718.00

Price does not include taxes, shipping, or medical devices

Click here to download the Premium Rugged Kit Specs

Medium Rugged Kit

The Rugged Telemedicine Kit (RTK) can help you take your telemedicine outside your facility by accommodating the equipment you need to take care of patients wherever you are. The kit includes a rugged case and features:

  • Integrated I/O panel, four USB 3.0 ports, audio in and out ports, RJ45 Ethernet port
  • Integrated speakerphone, integrated HD web camera, fold-out keyboard
  • Custom foam inserts to support multiple peripheral devices including multipurpose exam camera, otoscope, stethoscope, ultrasound probe, ECG with leads
Starting at $12,502.00

Price does not include taxes, shipping, or medical devices


The Soft Telemedicine Kit comes in a lightweight duffel bag so it can easily go where you go. It can be used for home care or doctor consultations

The bag has a dedicated laptop pocket as well as additional storage pockets for devices like headphones, a speakerphone, or a modem. The shoulder bag features an integrated 3 port USB hub, a Jabra 510 speakerphone, custom foam inserts to support devices like a vital signs monitor, multipurpose exam camera, and a USB stethoscope

Starting at $3,710.00

The type and quantity of devices supported may vary based on the devices and configuration of the computing device selected.


Digital Accessories

Stethoscope Chest Piece & Software Kit

The LTI87-USB Stethoscope Chest Piece & Software Kit has an amplifier plus an analog-to-digital converter, encoder, formatted, and USB interface chip embedded in the chest piece. 

Starting at $595.00


All-in-One Vitals Monitor

The LTI 101 All-in-One Vitals Telehealth Monitor is widely used in hospitals and clinics. It's equipped with Bluetooth and USB and data can be transferred to computers, tablets, and smartphones. 

The monitor measures Spo2, pulse rate, NIBP, temp. 

Starting at $1,289.00


Firefly USB Dermascope

The DE300 Digital Video Dermascope streams TRUE 2.0-megapixel live video to a computer. 

It's popular in clinical examinations, cosmetics, skincare, and medical schools. It's perfect for telemedicine because it lets remote healthcare providers see close-up live images of a patient.

Starting at $339.00


Firefly USB Otoscope

The DE500 Digital Video Otoscope delivers up to 50x optical and 150x digital magnification and streams high quality live video to a computer. 

This otoscope is used at hospitals, health clinics, medical schools across the world. 

Starting at $339.00


Firefly USB Iris Scope

The DE400 USB Iris Scope features a TRUE 1.3 Megapixel resolution and captures microscopic pictures and videos. It has a variable magnification up to 100x digitally and up to 35x optically. It observes and records in real-time and easily integrates with telemedicine solutions.

Starting at $339.00


Firefly USB General Exam Scope

The DE605 General Exam Scope is an ultra HD digital video camera combined with high magnification and ultra-bright LEDs. 

The camera is ideal for close examinations of the skin as well as general exams such a patient's throat. Integration is easy -- just plug the general exam camera into a USB port.

Starting at $569.00



The LTI USB HORUS Scope Kit is designed specifically for telemedicine and for capturing images of the body. It incorporates 1080p HD camera technology with multiple video output options for connecting to your conferencing system. 

The system allows for interchangeable attachments for different specialties such as ear, nose & throat, dermatology, women's health, audiology, and general exams. The kit includes a derma scope lens, a general exam lens, and an otoscope lens.

Starting at $5,218.00


TotalExam3 Complete Kit

The LTI TotalExam3 Complete Kit has a superior HD image quality and intuitive design. Its versatility makes it stand out as it allows for interchangeable heads and attachments.

The package includes:

  • Complete Kit - USB3 pwrd,
  • 720 HD device with autofocus
  • Otoscope
  • Tongue blade adapter
  • VPH hood
Starting at $8,295.00

At Voice Products, we do much more than just simply provide you with telemedicine and medical instruments. We offer full, end-to-end consulting for implementing telemedicine at your hospital or clinic. We can provide you with:

  • Specialized EMS (Encounter Management Software) systems
  • Integrations with special medical equipment and devices
  • Program design and integration for your telemedicine systems
  • Turnkey installation and setup of your devices
  • Training for your administrative staff, physicians and more

Our telemedicine platform is available for a variety of use cases. Here's a look at how it can make your practice more efficient.

  • Easily schedule meetings through your dashboard, clients can request sessions from your calendar
  • Send clients an email or text with a link to your waiting room
  • Accept credit cards and require payment before the session or request it at anytime
  • Get more clients by making your profile public

Learn more

  • Connect your departments for quick meetings as needed
  • Send meeting requests via email or text
  • Hospital staff dashboard allows you to choose a provider for “Request Session Now”
  • Providers get a text to check their dashboard where they can accept/decline session

Learn more

  • Save money and keep staff safe by limiting inmate travel
  • Save time by allowing providers to see more patients
  • Limit exposure to COVID-19 as providers no longer have to visit your facility
  • Ensure that your inmates are receiving the medical and mental health help they need

Learn more.

Provide primary and mental health care for your students.

Learn more.  

  • Patients can request session on-demand, selecting from your list of services
  • Providers receive text message prompting them to accept or decline session through their dashboard
  • Option to require credit card payment before session
  • Offer services online to help you increase revenue through a unique patient portal

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  • Staff can request a specialist with one touch
  • Provider immediately receives text or email notification of request
  • Staff can escalate cases for quicker response time and fewer hospitalizations

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  • Easily schedule meetings through your dashboard, clients can request sessions from your calendar
  • Clients get email or text with a link to your waiting room
  • Accept credit cards and require payment before session or request it at anytime
  • Get more clients by making your profile public
  • List your services online to help clients schedule sessions themselves

Learn more.

  • Patients select reason for visit and can choose providers based on profiles and/or availability
  • Flexible payment system allows you require payment before session or request it at anytime
  • Clients are shown how to request video sessions, enter payments or meet with providers
  • Providers receive text message prompting them to accept or decline session through their dashboard

Learn more

  • Set up mobile devices to make requests for available specialists from the field
  • Providers are notified immediately and can connect easily
  • Use over 4G/3G mobile networks for a stable video conference

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All use cases have 24/7 support via U.S.-based agents.

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