Telemedicine for Skilled Nursing Facilities

Improve Care for Your Nursing Facility Patients With Reliable and Secure Telemedicine through Voice Products

Healthcare in skilled nursing facilities can get complicated quickly when access to a physician is not quick and easy. Many facilities have a physician on staff but not on-site and phone calls may not provide enough information for an accurate diagnosis. Sometimes doctors have no choice but to recommend that the patient goes to the hospital, increasing costs and hospitalization rates for your facility. 

The solution is diagnostic telemedicine such as Let's Talk Telemedicine. 

Our platform is affordable, secure and reliable using the Zoom video platform. But it does much more than just connect your patients with a doctor. It integrates with medical carts and kiosks and more than 40 medical devices allowing a physician to obtain a patient's vitals as if they're in the same room. 

Telehealth can prevent rehospitalizations

Telehealth in skilled nursing is very effective in preventing unnecessary hospitalizations. A telehealth platform allows a doctor to monitor a patient remotely, guiding a nurse through providing the right care to improve the patient’s clinical status.

Nurses trained in telemedicine can use medical devices integrated with a telecart to take a patient’s vitals and relay the information to the doctor who can then quickly analyze them and provide an accurate diagnosis, all in real-time.

This process can help catch issues before a patient’s condition deteriorates to the point of hospitalization. If hospitalization is deemed necessary, our platform can help coordinate the transfer remotely.

Telehealth can show a 60-70% reduction of unnecessary patient hospitalizations, according to our partners

More confident nurses means less burnout

Telehealth at skilled nursing facilities allows nurses to grow more confident in their skills by becoming more involved in the patient’s care.

A telehealth platform is an everyday tool for nurses, who know a doctor is instantly available to support them in case of an emergency. This teamwork with telehealth specialists helps nurses improve their assessment skills and enhances a patient’s routine care with a more preventative and proactive mindset.

93% of users of our platform said it improved patient access to care

Benefits of Telemedicine in Your Facility

  • Reduce Hospitalizations
  • Gain Easier Access to Specialists
  • Provide Better and More Timely Treatment with Increased Access to Care
  • Lower Costs by Reducing Patient Transportations
  • Reduce Staff Workload and Improve Morale

Unlimited Sessions Per Month, Per User 
No Contract, Cancel Anytime!

Our telemedicine platform is not only affordable but also the most secure and reliable. It's also:

  • HIPAA Compliant
  • Compatible with any operating system, computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone
  • Browser-agnostic so neither you nor your patient has to open a specific internet browser
  • Secure cloud-based hosting on Amazon Web Services

And we offer something most others don't - 24/7 support based right here in the U.S.

Voice Products is a contracted supplier with Premier, a group purchasing, consulting, and advocacy organization for hospitals and other facilities. Our contract is specific to our telemedicine product and allows Premier members to receive specialized pricing.

Telehealth Systems and Instruments

Our telemedicine platform works well with your existing devices such as laptops, tablets, and smartphones, as well as with our line of medical carts and kiosks, which are simple to use and customizable for your facility's workflow

Let's Talk Telemedicine and our carts and kiosk easily integrate with many FDA-compliant telemedicine instruments that provide physicians with more tools than ever to diagnose and treat patients remotely. With our devices, your remote physician can take a patient's pulse, listen to his heart or receive information such as an ECG in real-time, replicating an in-person visit.

Click here to learn about our telemedicine carts, kiosks, and medical devices

Physician Consortium

Another issue facing skilled nursing facilities is finding a physician who's available after hours. 

Let's Talk Telemedicine can help via our Physician Consortium. It includes more than 33,000 doctors, physician assistants and nurse practitioners from every specialty who can be available quickly and when you need them.  

Other Uses

Let's Talk Telemedicine includes a video conferencing component that your facility can utilize beyond healthcare:

  • Provide patients access to family members, especially during COVID-19 concerns, can help combat loneliness and increase your patients' mental health well-being. 
  • Use the video conferencing to hold management meetings and patient evaluations.
  • Provide virtual training for your staff that can be recorded and share with staff members who cannot attend the training session.

At Voice Products, we do much more than just simply provide you with telemedicine and medical instruments. We offer full, end-to-end consulting for implementing telemedicine at your facility, providing you with program design and integration for your system, setup, training for your administrative and medical staff, and 24/7 support. 


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