Virtual Medical Scribes Saving Physician and Nurse Burn-out!

Why are Doctors & Hospitals Feeling Burnt-out?

In a recent article by JAMA, the most significant source of dissatisfaction was physician’s feeling burnt-out by the amount of documentation they have to manually enter in the electronic health record. Doctors and nurses increasingly feel like they are data entry clerks. Entering or confirming average values for every patient is tiring and time-consuming. This takes the doctor away from why they became a doctor in the first place, patient care.  

On an average day, a physician spends two or more hours a day documenting in their EMR, and often into the evening, affecting their quality of life and creating physician burnout. These physicians and nurses are looking for some relief from the burden of documentation.

Why are Other EHR Documenting Solutions Failing Doctors?

Even though several solutions help, most of these still require the doctor to do the bulk of the work, whether that be dictation or editing the document when it returns. If they use speech recognition, the doctor must do all the documentation and any editing that speech requires. These technology solutions still need the doctor to spend their time doing all the documentation.

The latest solution on the market is medical scribes, an oxymoron. Most medical scribes have little to no medical background. This leaves the physician with a typist who must be trained on precisely what to put in the medical record. This process is extensive for the physician as most expect the documentation to be precise and use the proper medical terminology. This training requires more time from the physician to review the documentation with the medical scribe daily and educate them on what they are genuinely looking for in their documentation. The problem with this process is that medical scribe’s turnover routinely. The cycle starts again, relying again on the physician to train the new medical scribe for proper documentation. Most of the time, this results in the physician having to accept what the medical scribe can produce with their limited medical knowledge and training.

What's the Solution to the Burnout Physicians are Experiencing? 

Physician burnout has become an enormous problem and needs a disruptive staffing solution. Voice Products eliminates physician burnout by providing M.D. Medical Scribes that are licensed physicians in the Dominican Republic. They go through a 6-year accredited program with a direct pathway for placement in US residency. These physicians work for private or public clinics and hospitals throughout the Dominican Republic and currently see patients. Based on their medical background, they have different skillsets and are bilingual, with most knowing at least four languages. With their medical knowledge, our Voice Products M.D. Medical Scribes can create professional documentation not only for the physician; they can also take over the nurse's documentation and intake with the patient, freeing up the nurse for other duties.

If your clinic or hospital, doctors or nurses are experiencing burnout, let us help you find the best M.D. Medical Scribe. Imagine no more turnovers or having to spend time training a new medical scribe repeatedly. At Voice Products, our M.D Medical Scribes are trained by our team, and the training is customized to your doctor, nurses, or clinic's specific workflow. Call us today 1-800-466-1152!


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