What is a Virtual Medical Scribe?

What is a Virtual Medical Scribe?


In the recent KLAS report, the author discussed how healthcare organizations are leveraging virtual medical scribes to improve clinician satisfaction. The KLAS report described virtual medical scribes as remote human scribes who communicate with cognition via laptop, smartphone, or tablet. The virtual medical scribe’s duties include: updating charges, clarifying information, entering clinical notes, and making suggestions to physicians.

As you can imagine with the burnout of physicians and nurses, virtual medical scribes are becoming more and more popular. In the KLAS report, two virtual medical scribe vendors are reviewed, and clients from both vendors reported positive feedback about their overall experience. Even though most reported positive outcomes, some noted there were some documentation challenges and accuracy issues.

Some of the most frequent general outcomes are:


1.      Improves physician satisfaction

2.      Improves patient experience

3.      Catching up on the documentation backlog for physicians

4.      Accurate and complete documentation

5.      Increased patient appointments which generates more revenue

6.      Giving the physician the ability to work on other tasks

The clients did say that some medical scribe partners are easier to deal with than others, as far as their responsiveness in addressing the issues on a timely basis with regular feedback. With that being said, almost all respondents, 94%, reported that their firm’s services have a highly positive impact on their EHR documentation.

 Voice Products Virtual M.D. Scribes do not have ownership issues with the physician because they have a 6-year medical degree, which makes these Virtual MD Scribes more of a colleague than someone with only weeks of medical experience. With our Virtual M.D. Scribes, it is more of a partnership with the physician and staff.

What kind of experience do Voice Products Virtual M.D. Scribes have?


Because our Virtual M.D. Scribes went to 6 years of medical school, they want to enhance their knowledge. Voice Products Virtual M.D. Scribes are committed to the medical field. Many are working today at private or government clinics and hospitals.


Our scribes are proficient in English, which will aid in eliminating short-term language barriers. All of our Virtual M.D. scribes speak at least 2 languages, if not 4, and typically their first or second language is English. Having a Virtual M.D. Scribe assist your doctor is truly a different experience than hiring someone with a few weeks of medical knowledge and who does not have work experience in the clinic or hospital.

If you prefer a medical professional scribe that can truly be an asset to your physician, and want to avoid the constant turnover in the scribe industry, contact Voice Products about the Virtual M.D. Scribe Program. 


You can obtain the KLAS article here.

Our mission at Voice Products is to always exceed customer expectations with an emphasis on total customer satisfaction.
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