What to Look for in a Medical Scribe?

4 Issues Doctors have when Hiring a Medical Scribe

As you may have guessed, not all medical scribes are created equal, so let’s distinguish the differences in the marketplace today. Some of the most common issues occurring with medical scribes are detailed below.

The first thing that most people do not always realize is that the term “medical scribe” is very generic. Most medical scribes have little to no medical experience, from days to a few short weeks which leads to the second issue of training. When the scribe shows up at your office, whether physically or virtually, they are there to shadow your nurses and provider’s for at least 30 days, just to learn where and how you document. You are paying for and conducting all the training, using your staff’s time.

An additional issue is that once you invested many hours in training the scribe on your documentation and EMR requirements, the scribe can be replaced at any time, which puts you back at square one. It is not uncommon for this to occur multiple times a year, which creates a huge problem for the doctor and nurses having to continually retrained new scribes. Finally, most medical scribes can typically only scribe for the doctor. Because of their limited medical background, they do not possess the knowledge to help the nurse with patient intake and other documentation.

How Voice Products Makes Hiring a Medical Scribe Easy!

At Voice Products, we take a completely different approach with our Virtual MD Scribes. First of all, rather than hire scribes with no medical background, Voice Products utilizes physicians from the Dominican Republic with 6-year medical degrees, and in most cases they have years of practical clinic or hospital experience. Because of this, training our Virtual MD Scribes will be mainly limited to educating the Scribe on how the doctor would like the documentation presented in your EMR.

When it comes to training, Voice Products takes a totally different approach. It is not your staff’s responsibility to teach the scribe how to navigate your EMR and how to document. Prior to assigning a Virtual MD Scribe to your practice, we document your processes and the verbiage your physician wants in their patient records and teach the specific workflow and documentation intricacies to the Scribe. The Scribe will only require a few days to shadow the physician to be fully prepared to begin scribing.

The issue of burnout is terribly prevalent in the medical field, for both doctors and nurses. With their 6 years of medical training, our Virtual MD Scribes can follow the patient from the waiting room, documenting the vitals for the nurse, as well as in the exam room by conducting the patient intake, allowing the nurse to take care of more pressing issues. When the physician enters the exam room, the Scribe can continue to document the patient encounter until conclusion of the appointment. This frees both the physician and the nurse from the documentation burden they now experience.

Resulting in happier staff and physicians and allowing for better patient satisfaction. Voice Products believes the scribe/physician relationship should be long-term, as it takes time to learn all the nuances in the physician’s documentation style. We realize how important it is that the scribe be committed to working for that physician long-term, not just a few months. By doing this, we eliminate frustration both on the physician and the staff to have to continually retrain scribes.

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