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Remote Court Appearances

Voice Products introduces Let’s Talk Video Conferencing for Remote court Appearances. This solution can facilitate appearances for judges, attorneys, and other participants throughout the United States, Canada, and worldwide and offers the industry standard (Zoom video solution) for remote video conferencing– customized for today’s modern courtroom.


Let’s Talk Video Conferencing created this video court appearance solution to facilitate a user-friendly system that is based upon what actually happens in the courtroom. You can feel confident that remote appearances are secure as our solution is both HIPAA and CJIS compliant and hosted on a secure cloud.

Let's Talk Video Conferencing is browser, device, and operating system agnostic meaning it can work with your existing equipment. It can even deliver documents to the courtroom attendees to fill out and electronically sign as well as take any payments necessary at the conclusion of the case. The platform can be customized by each court with their logo and colors as well as each for each judge based on the preferences for conducting remote court appearances.  Installation of Let’s Talk Video Conferencing is easy as you can use off the shelf cameras with any type of device pc, iOS, Android, and MAC, however, we can provide integration to other systems as needed.

How Let’s Talk Video Conferencing Benefits Judges and Court Staff

  • $49.95 per month, unlimited court appearances
  • Reduces the cost of litigation
  • Less crowded courtrooms reduce COVID-19 exposure and the need for increased security
  • Improved case flow
  • Increases public access as appropriate
  • Connects all relevant parties, regardless of their locations. up to 300 people
  • “Privacy” and breakout rooms for arbitration as well as a waiting room are available
  • More efficient courtroom logistics; eliminates work for busy court staff

Let’s Talk Video Conferencing Offers Two Service Programs

Using either or both programs and either audio or video, Let’s Talk Video Conferencing tailors the system for each judge. Not all judges in a court are required to join the service.

The “Breakout and Waiting rooms” can simulate the actual courtroom experience where all who are present hear the proceedings and serve as a “virtual” clerk for the judge, bringing into the call only those with whom the judge wishes to speak.

How Let’s Talk Video Conferencing Benefits Attorneys

  • Avoid travel, traffic, and weather conditions
  • Avoid exposure to COVID-19
  • Achieve cost savings for your clients
  • Handle more work for more clients with less wasted travel time
  • Increase your availability and flexibility for scheduling court appearances
  • Greater access for clients, witnesses, or other parties to appear remotely
  • User-friendly online scheduler to manage your court appearances

While clients can save money and courts can become more efficient and generate revenue, Let’s Talk Video Conferencing has the most impact upon practicing attorneys as it helps to give them their lives back. Attorneys can use the time they save using Let’s Talk Video Conferencing to catch-up on other pressing matters, enjoy time with family and friends, or otherwise take advantage of the time no longer spent traveling to and from the court.

24/7 life US support is offered with all Voice Products solutions to protect your investment for years to come.

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