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What is the Working Clinic Telehealth Solution?

Working Clinic Telehealth is an on-site medical clinic that uses telehealth technology to connect employees with doctors.

With this in mind, the Working Clinic Telehealth provides access to board-certified physicians for clinical exams and occupational medicine services. In addition, the working clinic has an on-site medic. Above all, our goal is to improve your employees' health care while saving you as much money as possible.

How Does It Work?

First, the on-site medic connects with the remote physician using two-way video conferencing. Second, a full physical examination is done between the patient and a remote physician. Third, the on-site medic performs the exam.

In Working Clinic telehealth, medical devices are used to perform the exam. For instance, this includes ear/nose/throat scopes, ultrasound equipment, ECG equipment, and more. Subsequently, these medical devices collect data and share it in real-time with the physician. In particular, information such as vital signs, heart, and lung sounds are shared with the remote doctor. In addition, images from an examination camera are captured and shared with the physician.

Benefits of Working Clinic Telehealth

Prevent rising health care costs by offering convenient access to quality on-site medical care.

In some cases, employees put off care due to the inconvenience and the expense. As a result, it hurts both the employee and the employer. Consequently, the employee risks their health, and the employer risks higher health care costs and decreased productivity at work. Alternatively, the Working Clinic provides employees with a convenient option for urgent care and preventative services, right from your facility. Therefore, there is no downtime or reason to leave work for an appointment.

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Increase employee productivity and lower their healthcare costs.

On the whole, work-site clinics are a beneficial tool to contain growing medical costs. Additionally, many employers want to boost employee productivity and improve their company reputation as a great place to work. Consequently, the Working Clinic is unique as it provides cost-effective options for smaller employers and more efficient options for larger employers.

Improve benefits planning by understanding the overall health of your employees.

First and foremost, as part of every on-site patient visit, the medic performs a health status review and a clinical summary. Second, the review is placed within our electronic medical record system. As a result, this provides an overall view of your employees' health.

In addition, we provide you with high-level, evidence-based information about special health risks. In fact, these risks may currently exist or emerge among your employees. Therefore, having this data allows companies to improve benefits planning. Further, we also provide quarterly employer return-on-investment (ROI) reports about Working Clinic Telehealth.

Importantly, employees must be able to share their medical information from the Working Clinic with their family doctor. For example, Tthe Working Clinic telehealth includes access to a phone and tablet app that provides important information about clinic visits. To clarify, this can include diagnoses, medications, vital signs, lab results, and other health observations.

For instance, patients can view data on their phone and share it with their doctor. In addition, they can email a summary of their data to themselves while sharing it with the doctor.

It should be noted that all Working Clinic telemedicine technologies are fully compliant with state Board of Medicine regulations and are HIPAA compliant. Additionally, this access to telemedicine is secure with no additional cost to you or the employee.

In conclusion, Working Clinic telehealth can save your company money and time. Contact us through the form on this page or call us at 800-466-1152 to learn how a Working Clinic can make a difference for your company.

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