VIQ Courts: Secure And Manage Video Evidence

VIQ Courts from VIQ Solutions is a comprehensive, all-in-one recording solution built for the needs of modern courtrooms to secure and manage video evidence. With a simple UI that’s easy to use, but deep and sophisticated features that can be customized for your own, unique needs, it’s incredibly versatile. Learn more below.

Multi-Channel Digital Court Recording With VIQ Courts

This solution can record mobile footage, integrate with fixed, single-room cameras, and also provide multi-room recording, allowing users to monitor and review multiple rooms simultaneously. Using the system, you can benefit from features like:

  • Digital attachments – Using VIQ courts, users can quickly attach digital files like reports, scanned documents, photos and other media, adding them to the record
  • Case management integration – With the optional VIQ Case Management Integration tool, VIQ Courts can automatically pull information from leading case management software, and integrate into your recordings.
  • Transcription support – Using VIQ Courts, files can be quickly shared with qualified local transcriptionists, as well as remote receptionists working in home offices.
  • Robust security – User access controls, access logs, and highly-secure, encrypted technology keep your recordings safe, and ensure evidence is not changed or tampered with in any way.
  • System customization – Your system can be customized with user-specific nomenclature, different languages, and more, thanks to VIQ Courts and its extensive software profiles

Simple Storage And Unparalleled Compatibility

You can easily store all recordings in a local or cloud database with the optional VIQ Central Repository, which allows for easy sharing, maximum redundancy, and simple cross-departmental collaboration.

In addition, VIQ is compatible with the widest range of video and audio capture hardware, from modern IP cameras and digital microphones to older equipment. This allows you to integrate this solution into your court system without a complete overhaul of your hardware and systems.

Courtroom Recordings

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Product Information

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From single-courtroom installations to a country-wide installation covering hundreds of facilities, VIQ Courts can be adjusted and modified to handle projects of any size. To learn more, please contact Voice Products right away for more information and a project demo.
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