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NICE Inform®

NICE Inform is a platform comprised of modular applications for incident information management that can run over traditional and IP-based networks. It records multimedia interactions between the public, emergency centers and first responders, and can automatically collect CAD incident data. All captured incident information is synchronized with call, radio, text-to-911 and console screen recordings and put into context to help you improve investigations, policy compliance and employee performance.


Real-Time Decision Support and Multimedia Incident Management

Inform Monitor provides near real-time monitoring of multiple channels and automatic Recent Call Replay (RCR) of the last call on a selected channel.

Inform Verify enables instant replay of the last recordings over a search period.

Inform Reconstruction synchronizes and puts into context isolated information from multiple channels recreating who did what, when and where during an incident.

Inform Reporter enables emergency centers to monitor and improve performance and quality via pre-defined, customizable call volume and evaluation reports.

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