Integrating RapidSOS Clearinghouse with NICE Inform enhances incident reconstruction and investigations for 911 centers.

The RapidSOS Clearinghouse provides life-saving data, such as access to caller's more accurate device location, to dispatch centers and first responders. The integration of RapidSOS with NICE Inform allows for that information to be stored within NICE Inform long-term.

Once device location data is captured, NICE Inform can help first responders by allowing:

  • Visual Searching - users can draw a box around an area on a map and immediately see all recorded calls during a specific time period
  • Precise Incident Visualization and Playback - during call playback users can visualize a caller's movement on a map while listening to the call recording
  • Incident Intelligence Reporting - managers can pinpoint and visualize precise call locations as they relate to any large-scale emergency incident.


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