Avoid Burnout with Speech Recognition

by Dean J. Tullis

Recently the American Medical Association released a study that showed out how excessive documentation needed for electronic medical records is leading to physician burnout. And what’s truly alarming, in my opinion, is the burnout rate for doctors – 44% which is much higher than other professions according to the study.

For full transparency,  I will tell you that we do sell speech recognition products, and we’ve seen this burnout firsthand. The good news is that, with the right speech solution, I’ve witnessed doctors change their attitudes toward their work and staff and make a big difference in their home life.

How Speech Recognition Can Simplify Your Day

What makes keeping electronic records exhausting goes beyond all the documentation – it’s all the mouse clicks and dropdown menus displaying choices to make over and over, all day long.

Physicians expect today's speech recognition to be accurate the first time they use it, and that should happen no matter whose solution you use.

Doctors can see another bonus if they use their speech recognition solution to navigate their EMR. They can eliminate all the mouse clicks and key commands to get from one area of the system to another by creating just one voice command. Eliminating the tedious tasks of checking boxes, scrolling,  and clicking on dropdown menus, saves doctors hours a day, and reduces stress.

This voice navigation can happen in any EMR - you do not have to be integrated or embedded with any EMR vendor to accomplish this. Our speech solution can perform more functionalities than any integrated/embedded speech product. I know this because we replace other speech solutions every day.

When people look at speech recognition technology more times than not, they worry about the name of the speech solution and the opinion of their EMR vendor who is selling the product. Physicians do not realize the significant differences in functionality, like voice navigation, that help save time and reduce frustration in the navigation of the EMR.

I know this because I have seen the reaction of the physician when they see how easy it is to navigate the EMR with their voice.

Our mission at Voice Products is to always exceed customer expectations with an emphasis on total customer satisfaction.
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