Let's Talk Telemedicine Overview

Our Telemedicine Solution

Let's Talk Telemedicine is much more than plain video conferencing for healthcare providers. It's a robust solution with unique features that make it stand out from other off-the-shelf telehealth platforms. 

Ours is a customizable solution, tailor-made to meet your needs and workflows. 

Watch the video produced by our telemedicine partners and let us know how we can help you add telemedicine services to your practice or upgrade from the telemedicine solution you already have. 

Voice Products is a Premier Inc. Contracted Supplier for telemedicine.

Premier is a large group purchasing, consulting, and advocacy organization. Our contract allows Premier members to received specialized pricing specific to them.

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Unique Features

Let's Talk Telemedicine offers unique features that you won't find in other off-the-shelf solutions.

We recognize that for hospitals, clinics, or private practices, one size fits all is not the right approach, so we offer customizable workflows that allow your physicians and other healthcare providers to engage with patients in the matter they want. 

We can quickly implement Let's Talk Telemedicine and adapt it to your needs. 

Replicate In-Person Meetings

  • Fill out forms, sign documents electronically
  • Take copay before, during, or after a session
  • EMR integration to include billing, scheduling, diagnostic data, and more 
  • Integrates with medical carts, kiosks, and devices for more accurate diagnosis, replicating in-person visits

Custom Scheduling

  • Hospital staff can request a session with a provider
  • Providers get notified via text to check their dashboard where they can accept or decline session
  • Custom workflow can be designed into patient portal to allow patients to schedule their own telemedicine appointment by selecting service or provider needed

Connection Between Departments

  • Connect your hospital’s departments quickly and easily for meetings as needed
  • Send meeting requests via text or email
  • Telemedicine can be a great tool for training hospital staff. Recordings can be kept for review, new employees and for employees not available at scheduled time

Custom Workflows for Specialists

  • Flexible customization to support different hospital departments such as emergency room, operating room, stroke unit, intensive care unit, etc.
  • Integrates with medical carts, kiosks, and more than 40 medical devices, allowing for accurate diagnostic data. Data can also be integrated into the patient’s folder in your EMR for future reference.
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