Critical Test Results

The Joint Commission and other healthcare authorities have identified that failures and delays in the communication of critical test results are a major problem for patient safety. Inefficient handling of critical test results also contributes to higher costs of care for compromised patients as well as increased risk of litigation and higher expenditures for regulatory compliance.

Many institutions currently use a manual procedure to communicate and log CTRM process steps.
Automating this process with Spok® Critical Test Results Management can significantly reduce costs and save valuable time while improving patient care and reducing litigation costs. This unique product securely and rapidly transfers information to the right caregivers when time is critical to patient care.

The Spok solution can send messages from the lab and radiology by means of encrypted smartphone communications, two-way paging, secure email, secure text, images, annotations, and voice to a variety of endpoints such as workstations, laptops, tablets, smartphones, pagers, and other wireless devices.

Spok CTRM key features:

• Audit trail of messages promotes accountability
• Encrypted messaging through the Spok Mobile® smartphone communications solution
• Message receipt confirmations meet Joint Commission requirements
• FDA 510(k) cleared as a class II medical device
• Utilizes popular communication devices, such as smartphones, tablets, and more
• Offers multiple acuity levels of alerts based on hospital preferences
• Transmits messages containing critical results, voice clips, and images
• Enables incidental findings to be noted and communicated

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