NICE Inform

A Next Generation Recording and Incident Intelligence Solution

In today’s world, increasing QA/QI standards and demand by citizens for better, more robust Public Safety communications are changing the landscape – in concert with technologies like Next Generation 911, Text-To-911, and Public Safety LTE.  That’s why the revolutionary new NICE Inform platform was developed. Using this platform, you can improve your PSAP operations, and prepare for the shifting public safety environment.

This advanced platform is built to capture and analyze all of your communications – and use your recordings and data to gather insights about response times, quality and more. This system is powered by CAD Incident Analytics, allowing for instant performance and QA analysis of radio, and text calls. Learn more about this next-generation platform below, and see how it can help you meet your performance targets.

Understanding the Application Ecosystem

NICE Inform has been designed to be completely modular, allowing for incident information management over both traditional and IP-based networks. It’s designed to capture all multimedia interactions between emergency centers, first responders, and the public – and put this information into context to improve employee performance, investigations and policy compliance.

Using the Inform Matrix, you can share recording systems between agencies, increasing flexibility and saving resources, while protecting each agency’s system using multi-tenant database partitioning and security tools.

The Capabilities of the NICE Inform System

Curious to learn more about what the solution can do? Here is a short summary of its capabilities.

  • NG911 Audio, Screen, Text-To-911 Recording – All multimedia calls and text messages are logged and recorded with GIS and Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) data. Media such as video, 911 calls, screen recordings, radio traffic and more are all unified in a single recording system.
  • Multimedia Incident And Evidence Management – Using Inform Reconstruction and Inform Organizer, all incident evidence can quickly be stored, verified, and used to reconstruct an incident and gather evidence.
  • Incident Intelligence Dashboards – Inform Dashboard and Inform Evaluator allow you to quickly review incident performance, call volumes, response times, hold times and more, in real-time.
  • Quality Assurance – Inform Evaluator enables comprehensive evaluation of individual and call-center-wide performance, while Inform Reporter uses custom reports and evaluation metrics to allow for better performance monitoring.
  • Real-Time Decision Support – Inform Monitor and Inform Verify allow for near-real-time monitoring of multiple channels, and instant replay of recordings over a predefined search period.

See What NICE Inform Can Do For You

With this solution available at Voice Products, it’s easier than ever to record and store multimedia information about incidents, collect evidence, reconstruct incidents, and assess the overall effectiveness of your emergency response center and its employees. Learn more from Voice Products today!