Workforce Optimization

Voice Products provides a series of workforce optimization (WFO) tools that enhance overall employee performance and efficiency. The intent is to deliver the best customer experience at a lower cost through metrics surrounding employee quality and performance, as well as your overall employee workforce.

The Workforce Management (WFM) tool implements changes in scheduling and staff management. It has a variety of capabilities: forecasting patterns and worktime, simulating real-world prioritization and staffing requirements, eliminating overstaffing through schedule flexibility, managing condition changes, and minimizing training time with easy-to-navigate modern interfaces. WFM will integrate with other solutions and provide you with alerts to catch system issues before they happen.

The Performance Management (PM) tool can change the culture within your organization by creating accountability, consistency and transparency. PM allows organizations to transform and engage employee behaviors, operationalize insights and deliver high-level user experiences. The tool also includes processes and structures for coaching. This coaching is vital to reaching the organization’s goals, enhancing overall performance and increasing employee motivation.

The Quality Management (QM) tool ensures consistency throughout your organization. It unifies and customizes quality programs and gathers all data sources into a single application. QM is standardizing the experience for the customer through automation and flexibility, while at the same time, allowing coaches to train and evaluate their processes more efficiently.

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