The VIQ Interface to Case Management (ICM) Tool allows you to share case information from your case management system with your VIQ digital recording solution for fast, customized recording and notes.

Key Advantages

  • Allows you to easily share case information from your case management system with your VIQ recording system
  • Is compatible with leading case management systems
  • Lets you build case lists in advance
  • Offers one-click recording with no case information re-entry required
  • Allows you to search your case management system by judge, location, date range, case number and more
  • Populates your VIQ recording interface with case-specific information including case number, judge, attorneys and participants
  • Allows you to add a new case to an existing case list "on the fly" if necessary
  • Allows you to access multiple case management databases
  • Provides only passive access to your case management system - there is no chance of editing or deleting information in the case management database itself
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