Quality Assurance Questionnaire for Emergency Call Centers

Quality Assurance Questionnaire for Emergency Call Centers is a critical part of refining and improving your services at emergency call centers. By measuring employee performance, assessing responsiveness, and analyzing calls to ensure they follow protocol, you can ensure better performance from your employees and your systems, even in high-pressure situations.

Not sure if your QA systems are adequate? Here are some questions you can ask yourself about your QA processes – to see if they need improvement!

Quality Assurance Questionnaire and Staff Members

  • Do you have any issues with staff retention and satisfaction?
  • What is your method for ensuring new processes and best practices are adopted successfully?
  • Do you worry about your dispatchers’ and call takers’ ability to perform day-to-day?
  • Are you using data – or instinct – for performance reviews?
  • Do you currently have a consistent QA process?

Evaluate Your QA Processes with Quality Assurance Questionnaire

Next, describe your quality assurance processes by answering these questions.

  • What types of calls do you evaluate? Police, fire, EMS? Are you using different evaluation forms for each?
  • Do you use any particular call-taking or triage platform such as APCO Adviser 9-1-1 or Priority Dispatch AQUA, or PowerPhone? For EMS only, or every incident?
  • What is your method for scoring calls and recording QA data? Spreadsheets? Custom databases? Paper forms?
  • How many calls do you evaluate? NENA and APCO recommends 2% of all incidents and calls.
  • Are you using QA evaluations for call taking or dispatch employees only? Do you use any kind of screen recording software to aid in evaluation?
  • Do you currently (or will you) accept text messages? How do these factor into QA? Do you have a QA process for texts? How do you notify employees about their completed evaluations and scores?
  • Do you take any call types that require you to assess and evaluate 100% of the calls? High-priority police incidents, for example.
  • What’s your QA acceptance process for call takers and dispatchers?
    How do you handle disputes? Do you allow dispatchers/call takers to dispute evaluations? How do you track this internally?

Quality Assurance Questionnaire: QA Efficiency And Productivity

  • How long does it take you to find the right call(s) to evaluate? Do you have to start this process by looking up CAD records?
  • What would you focus on if you could reduce the time it takes to evaluate and find calls by 50?
  • Do you have difficulty reconstructing incidents in a proper timeline from your available data.

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