NICE Inform CAD Integration

911 Basic Call Handling with NICE Inform CAD Integration

When it comes to handling 911 calls, the NICE Inform CAD Integration makes it easier than ever to reconstruct complex incidents and perform QA on calls. With this platform, you can improve your Public Safety Answering Point's (PSAP's) efficiency, performance, and effectiveness.  Your dispatchers will provide better service in emergency situations.

Improved and Expedited Multimedia Incident Reconstruction

Using NICE Inform CAD integrations, you can save time and reconstruct incidents quickly and easily.  Users will find a logged and automatically-categorized incident record in a single place. Each CAD event that occurred in an incident can quickly be displayed on a timeline with synchronized media recordings. This includes:

  • Incident ID
  • Incident type
  • Incident status
  • Incident severity
  • Incident date/time
  • Report number
  • Call taker/dispatcher(s) involved
  • Incident location
  • Comments and CAD data

Incorporating all of this CAD data into incident reconstruction in a linear, time-based manner provides more clarity about what information was available at the time of a call when decisions were made.  This cannot be done with siloed data.

Better QA for More Effective Dispatching

Using NICE Inform CAD integration, you can improve your quality assurance (QA) program.  Your team can increase the value and benefits of QA checks. You can quickly combine CAD data for severity of incident or incident type and automatically select recordings for evaluation.  This allows you to place a greater emphasis on tracking compliance with protocol in the calls that expose you to the greatest liability.

Flexible, Scalable Performance Using NICE Inform CAD Integration

Using the solution you can quickly organize and visualize all of your recordings by their CAD incident attributes. Using special, dynamic Business Intelligence (BI) reporting, integration can help you get a better understanding of your performance.

NICE Inform also allows for geographic map views and distinguishing between different incident types, monitoring of historical call volumes and other such data.  This helps improve performance and incident response for PSAPs of all sizes and types.

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