Why now is the time to review your telemedicine system for security

Towards the end of 2020, the American Medical Association (AMA) and the American Hospital Association issued technology guidelines for healthcare providers. The article, titled Technology Considerations For The Rest of 2020, discusses the importance of reviewing all your systems (firewalls, EMR, network, and other mission-critical solutions) that cybercriminals could compromise. Last year we saw a dramatic increase in phishing email campaigns disguised as important information for COVID-19 or personal protection products often containing malware, malicious links, and ransomware.

Early on in the pandemic, the government declared a Public Health Emergency and relaxed HIPAA requirements for new systems and telemedicine platforms. It was a helpful step for doctors and hospitals trying to adopt new technology, but now it's time to prioritize their patients' security and privacy and to meeting the requirements for HIPAA and PHI. Your telemedicine vendor should be able to guarantee HIPAA-compliance by entering into a BAA, a feature already offered as standard for Let's Talk Telemedicine customers.

Now is also the time to evaluate your current telemedicine platform. Ensure it has the workflow for the various specialties, departments, and physicians that will use it and consistently reliable the video because you do not have Telemedicine without video.

For extra security, choose a platform that goes beyond HIPAA compliance. Let's Talk Telemedicine is in the process of receiving SOC 2 and HITRUST certifications. We also perform penetration testing to help reduce the "attack surface" of your telemedicine platform.

Even though many think telemedicine is a temporary solution to the pandemic, the AMA and other healthcare organizations believe it's here to stay. Don't risk your patients' privacy and security or your organization's reputation by trusting any platform. Do your research and find a solution that's secure and reliable for years to come.

Our mission at Voice Products is to always exceed customer expectations with an emphasis on total customer satisfaction.
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