Protect Your Students During Distance Learning

by Dean Tullis

We are hearing a lot in the news lately about schools implementing video conferencing for distance learning. But as everyone scrambled to find a video platform, few thought about security or about the possibility of being hacked or "bombed."

The good news is that there are secure video platforms - the most secure being those that are HIPAA compliant. With a secure video platform you can do more than just teach class (with up to 300 people in a meeting). You can use it for parent-teacher conferences, teacher meetings, even IEP (individualized education program) meetings that require specific people to be present.  As hard as it is to get everyone's schedules in sync, today's video solutions make it easier for everyone to join from their computer, table or smart phone.

We also have several school systems that already use our telemedicine platform to aid the school nurse.

Boy and girl sit in front of laptop with pencils and notebooks on desk

The nurse has the ability to bring in a doctor when needed and because our platform incorporates several medical instruments it allows the nurse or doctor to make better informed decisions or diagnose primary health issues. This technology also incorporates exchanging documents, with electronic signature when needed, for medical issues, IEP’S or other situations that come up from time to time. And platforms have the ability to take payment for services if necessary.

This use of video conferencing and telemedicine in schools will likely stick around even after this pandemic crisis is over. It has the potential for real impact on schools throughout the year, making meetings for principals, teachers, administrators and parents much more convenient for all.

Could your school system benefit from the use of a secure video, HIPAA compliant telemedicine solution?

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Telemedicine and contact centers
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