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DAX™ Copilot



DAX™ Copilot, a voice-enabled solution powered by AI, seamlessly documents patient encounters right after each visit. Experience its capabilities firsthand by watching our on-demand demo to witness DAX Copilot in action and discover its potential benefits for you.

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DAX™ Copilot is a HITRUST-CSF certified solution built on Microsoft Azure

As an AI assistant facilitating automated clinical documentation, the Dragon Ambient eXperience (DAX) Copilot solution empowers physicians to achieve greater efficiency while enhancing clinical effectiveness, as well as improving both physician and patient satisfaction, along with financial outcomes. Leveraging the robust infrastructure of the Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare, it seamlessly integrates Nuance’s established conversational and ambient AI with the latest and most advanced generative AI model available.

DAX™ Copilot


  • Improves the quality of care and the patient experience by enabling physicians to focus on patients, capture the full patient story, and expand access to care.


  • Boosts clinician satisfaction by alleviating administrative burdens.     


  • Increases throughput and operational efficiency with time savings.


  • Improves financial outcomes with accurate clinical documentation, improved retention, and additional revenue from increased throughput and incremental services.


  • Captures a multi-party conversation ambiently. Clinicians engage in natural conversation with patients and other family members while the mobile app securely captures the conversation at the point of care, allowing clinicians to connect with patients rather than screens.

  • Creates clinical documentation automatically. Converts encounter conversations into comprehensive specialty-specific clinical documentation summaries and delivers them into the mobile app and the EHR for clinician review and editing.

  • Produces high-quality documentation. Uses the latest AI technologies and is trained on over 10M+ encounters to produce accurate documentation efficiently and consistently.

  • Works seamlessly with electronic health records. DAX is used in conjunction with Dragon Medical One which integrates with over 200 EHRs, streamlining implementation.

  • Customizable templates. Clinicians can customize and personalize note templates with Dragon Medical One and functionality in the EHR to ensure consistency and a streamlined workflow tailored to individual needs.

What sets DAX™ Copilot apart?

DAX enhances clinician experience by providing precise notes through the integration of reliable AI and Large Language Models (LLMs), supported by Microsoft's robust scale, security, and reliability. Our acclaimed AI is developed from extensive clinical data, including over 1 billion minutes of medical dictation annually and 10 million ambient encounters. As an integral component of the Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare, DAX operates on a trusted infrastructure and global platform, adhering to a responsible AI framework and fundamental principles.

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