Back Office Proficiency

When a back office reaches maximum efficiency, amazing things happen. Data is integrated from employees' desktops, forecasts are precise, and engaged employees sit in every seat. It also provides tools to ensure regulatory compliance – and ultimately – elevate the level of service customers receive across the entire enterprise.

Measuring and driving Back Office performance is challenging as it requires visibility into agent desktop
and process activity which isn’t always there. Essentially, Back-Office operations are faced with the
following two challenges:

  1. How can you tell who is working and who isn’t (or who is doing the right thing and who is doing
    the thing right)?
  2. How can employee performance and engagement be driven and improved?

According to a recent analysis, which covered 40 customers spanning over multiple industries, the gap between expected and actual productivity was on average 24%. This means there are roughly 115 minutes per day per employee of scheduled work time when work is not being done. This is a huge
opportunity for organizations to capitalize on. The question is how.

There are a variety of solutions for back office proficiency, which include the following:

  • Workforce Management
  • Quality Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Desktop Analytics
  • Robotic Automation

Let us help you determine which solution(s) fit your needs.

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