AI Medical Documentation Solutions

At Voice Products we have been providing leading medical documentation solutions for over 33 years. That's why when it comes to the latest AI Medical Documentation solutions we offer an array of Corti AI options so that you can pick the one that best suits your workflow. 

AI for Medical Coding: Powered by Corti

Increase revenue per visit and reduce claim denial rate with Corti's automated medical coder AI. Automate coding in one click, and allow your staff to focus on patient care instead of administrative tasks.

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Corti’s AI Coding Features:


Less time coding. More time caring.

Reduce coding workload by at least 80%.

Providers use Code Automate to code a case in one click, saving hundreds of thousands of dollars and hours of cognitive load spent on administrative tasks each year. Once a clinical note is complete, the AI analyzes the text to determine the most appropriate diagnosis and procedure codes.

  • Overlays your current EHR
  • Supports ICD-10, CPT, HCPCS, and more
  • AI-powered Quick Edit tool


Catch errors before it's too late

Evaluate your entire coding process at scale.

Spot issues in the remaining manual coding processes, such as under- and overcoding. Enhance your compliance identifying trends of insufficient documentation. Corti’s AI is trained to spot inefficiencies and issues in your existing manual coding practices.

  • In-depth analytics on physicians and medical coders.
  • Flag insufficient documentation, copy-and-paste abuse, and improper use of modifiers.
  • Identify cases of under- and overcoding.

AI for Patient triaging: Powered by Corti

The fastest way to safely triage patients to the right point of care, capturing all the right information automatically. Keep instrumental information right at your fingertips with fully customizable, live prompts.

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Corti's AI Triage Features:

Real-time support

Navigate dialogues effortlessly

Triage helps call takers, care coordinators and nurses handle situations calmly and respond effectively.

  • Lower your call handling time
  • Increase triage accuracy
  • Reduce downstream costs due to over-triaging
  • Ensure no patients are missed
Automated documentation

Focus on the situation, not the summary

Call takers spend less time typing and more time listening, thanks to our automatic summary generator.

Triage automatically collects relevant details as the call taker interviews the patient, compiling a continuously updated summary that synchronizes with others software (EHR, CAD, etc.).

  • Faster call-handling time
  • Standardize summary format and phrasing
  • Support for typical formats such as SBAR and SOAP, or configure an entirely custom format

Analytics & Editor

Accelerate your QI efforts with continuous, data-driven improvement

Learn from past calls to optimize your patient encounters.

Triage enables continuous updating of your protocols and question guidelines with powerful collaboration tools. Managers can test out drafts fully before publishing them to the whole team.

  • Visual drag-and-drop editor
  • Test evidence-based improvements to protocols with full versioning capabilities
  • Event logging for deep protocol analysis and auditing

AI for QA/QI: Powered by Corti 

Analyze every patient encounter to identify training opportunities, improve results, and automatically assure quality in all aspects of your patient interactions.

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Corti’s QA/QI Features:

Fix performance issues 3× faster

Help call takers, care coordinators, and nurses to improve quality.

  • Determine training focus areas and measure ROI of programs.
  • Spot employee burnout and prevent staff turnover.
  • Track trends across individuals, teams, chief complaint types, and even response levels.
  • Automatically develop individual performance profiles with strengths and weaknesses.
50% faster evaluations

Evaluate more encounters in less time with AI support.

  • Give feedback to call takers much sooner.
  • Automatically detect questions from the protocol your organization already follows.
  • Build your own powerful evaluation forms or select from our library of prebuilt templates.


Lead through collaborative learning

Call takers continuously improve by both giving and getting feedback from their peers.

  • Continuous knowledge sharing between peers increases individual learning up to 30%.
  • Proven effectiveness with as little as 10 minutes per week.
  • Assign calls for review based on highlighted strengths and weaknesses.
  • Managers maintain a complete overview and can dive deep into the results of peer assessments


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