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911 Call Recording

We offer highly customizable and completely integrated 911 call recording and incident reconstruction solutions for the public safety industry.

Our systems provide 911 call centers, dispatchers, and other law enforcement agencies with synchronized recordings for each 911 call they answer and more. When a call comes in, even before the dispatcher answers, our systems are already recording the call. Those recording systems also, in addition to recording phone conversations, record the trunks that come in before the call is even made.

In addition to phone recordings, any radio dispatches and dispatcher screens can be recorded, including CAD screens and all the other software a dispatcher uses during the call. Finally, our Next Generation 911 recording solution captures text-to-911 and multimedia calls. We provide future-proof platforms designed to comply with the National Emergency Number Association’s (NENA’s) i3 MSRP standards.

For further incident reconstruction, we offer an evidence pack for combining all recordings and anything associated with the call, such as documents or 3rd-party videos.

To ensure productivity and performance, we also provide a Quality Assurance (QA) pack.  Armed with complete incident information, supervisors are able to evaluate not only a single call, but also an entire incident with QA.  With this capability, management can gain substantially more insight about the incident handling process as well as identify best practices and areas requiring attention and improvement.

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