Wound Care

Guaranteed Wound Care Program

Genesis offers a very exclusive GUARANTEED program for wound care utilizing top tier biologics for greatly increased revenue with your practice.
You may have treated wound care within your practice previously but are probably not using synthetic skin or biologics at this time as it is usually high cost, high risk for reimbursement, and a low net model.

Genesis Health Care Solutions is expanding nationally with a revolutionary Wound Care Solution, guaranteeing patient recovery and the potential for high profitability your practice. This Wound Care Solution was first developed inside Cedar-Sinai, CA and is currently being staged for deployment at Tampa General’s Ambulatory Group in the 4th quarter of this year.

How Our Wound Care Program Works

Our program includes providing the biologic at no cost to the facility until they get reimbursed for Medicare Medicaid. We also send someone from the biologic company to show your physician's how to apply the biologic on site.

We will then show the physician the documentation needed for Medicare Medicaid for reimbursement. We will bill out the wound care to Medicare Medicaid to ensure that you get reimbursed at the highest possible level. We are now seeing net reimbursements of $700 to $900 in a Wound Care facility and $400 to $600 in a physician’s office.

I realize the revenues we guarantee look unbelievable, but I assure you they are real, and we will put that in writing! We have case studies showing the results they achieved doubling or tripling there old revenues models with our wound care process.

It is a rare opportunity that a model is so beneficial for patients and has the capability to add hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars a year to your practice’s revenues.

Genesis has been guaranteeing this revenue model year after year with similar results in revenue even in light of Medicare/Medicaid continuing to change their reimbursement criteria.

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