VIQ Media Manager

VIQ Media Manager

If you are already using a VIQ recording solution for your courtroom, the VIQ Media Manager is the perfect way to organize, store, log and play back all of your courtroom recordings. As part of the VIQ software suite, it is natively compatible with all VIQ software installations, and can work with any audio or video recorded by a VIQ system.

Advanced Search And Playback Options With VIQ Media Manager

VIQ media manager utilizes a sophisticated design that allows for features such as:

Easy search – Using the search function, you can use criteria such as recording number, participants, annotation text and more to find all relevant recordings quickly and easily

Multi-channel playback – Users can replay multi-channel video and audio, and easily view all associated notes for the recording in question

Transcription – fully-featured transcription tool, with foot pedal compatibility independent speed and volume controls, and customizable hotkeys

Multi-workstation VIQ search – this solution can easily search individual workstations, specific servers, or even the entire VIQ network at once, allowing users to access recordings from diverse sources quickly and easily.

With these advanced features, you can provide your users with everything they need to work quickly and efficiently using the VIQ recording system.

Portable And User-Friendly Design With Powerful Features

VIQ Media Manager can be run anywhere in standalone mode – in different buildings, home offices and more, with simple, fast importation of recordings. In addition, VIQ Media Manager uses the same UI as the VIQ Satellite workstation, so your employees will not require any more training.

It’s also easy to share recordings, with CD/DVD burning, as well as compatibility with VIQ AccessPOINT and NetScribe. Other advanced features include the ability to seal/unseal cases, print out all relevant log notes, redact recordings, clip out segments of audio and video, and much more.


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